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Wednesday 11 January 2012


Hi everyone

Driving through Seale (a small village near to Christmas Pie) I saw the first daffodils of the year in flower.  How wonderful and I hope that the change in weather that has been forecasted for the end of this week does not bring weather that will damage these early spring flowers.  I love the colour of spring, bright yellows of daffodils, pure white of narcissus, bright reds of tulips and that gorgeous purple of crocus.  I am a big fan of bright colours - in fact the very first bathroom that we 'owned' had yellow walls courtesy of me.  As you can imagine, I had to issue everyone with sunglasses when they came to see us.  Since then I have painted walls purple, paintwork bright red, and numerous other vibrant colours - although to assure you, these colours were not all in the same room.

I have had a busy week so far making items for my new ranges.  I have also managed to buy a set of pans for my candle-making - initially this will not be a major addition to the Christmas Pie Crafts range, but as I am a BIG candle fan, it seemed a good idea to give making them a go.  My first ones may just be all for me - they will be a test run.  I have all of the gear: wax, colours, perfumes, moulds, etc and now my pans and I really do need to get a move on and get making some.  Very exciting really and I will let you know how things go.  If I am feeling brave enough I will post pics of my first makes - disasters and catastrophes!

I have always thought I had a good memory and for most things I think that is true.  However, when I think of things that I could make, the ideas often seem to whizz through my mind without stopping.  No matter how much I tell myself I will remember them, I don't and I rack my brains trying to recall the brilliant idea I thought I had had.   I have taken to writing things down as soon as I think of them - that way I should be able to put into reality the ideas I have without spending hours trying to remember what they were.

Off to put my feet up and catch some news.  Jazz and Daisy are desperate for a comfortable sit down in a nice warm lounge, so I have to give in to them.  Enjoy the rest of the week - I will be back on Sunday/Monday with the Handmade Monday gang.



  1. Like you I love candles can never get enough of them.

    I thought a tad cooler today so do hope we do not have a snow spell as the number of shrubs coming into bud, have a good week with all your planning

  2. I have a terrible memory and need to write things down all the time, I usually have a sketch book or notebook in my bag and I've even been known to write on my hand when I've forgotten my bag, or my books.
    We had a hard frost here last night (Suffolk) and one is due tonight so I hope it doesn't kill off the new buds.

    Jan x

  3. Great idea to write things down at the time as I do that too - think of an idea then later can't think of it! It is very cold here yesterday and today - no sign of the daffodils in my garden yet. x


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