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Wednesday 21 March 2012


Hi everyone

Lovely, lovely weather - please let it last for a long time.

Thank you to all of the lovely people who commented on my Handmade Monday blog post - I love to hear from you and try to reply when time permits.

My mid-week post this week is about Shadow.  You may remember I briefly wrote about him a week or so ago?  The vet was able to save Shadow's leg from amputation and he eventually came home with a plate and pins in his leg.  Very subdued possibly due to pain and being kept in.  My neighbour took him to the vet on Monday to have the stitches removed from his leg wound and to check out a swelling that had happened on his leg.  Unfortunately it turned out the Shadow was rejecting the plate and pins, but never ones to give up, the vets splinted his leg and wrapped it in tape.  Home again he came sporting a pale blue bandage, settled down for the night and everyone was hoping he would be fine.

On Tuesday morning my neighbour called us to say Shadow had somehow managed to remove his bandage/splint and was off to the vets again.  This is no mean task for a weak-ish cat as the splint/bandage is approximately 6" long.  The vet wrapped his paw up again and Shadow came back home with a bright blue bandage.  So far, all is peaceful and we hope he will not be stripping off any more until he goes back to the vet next Monday.  The big problem of course is trying to ensure he doens't hurt his leg by moving around too much - pretty difficult with a cat.

The trials and tribulations of 'owning' a cat (or dog) are many - but the fun they bring into our lives is amazing.  With this in mind, don't forget to come back on Friday and read my guest blogger's post - it is a great post and I know you will enjoy it.

Enjoy the sunshine.  I am off to an event at Wisley tomorrow evening with a friend, so hoping to get some goodies for the garden.



  1. Oh your poor little Moggy. Don'tyou wish you could have the pain for them. You will be amazed at his speed of recovery once he starts down that road. Well done your neighbour. Couldn't we all do with neighbours like that one. We want piccies when he is mobile again.

  2. Hi Jill - nice to get an update on Shadow. Hope he manages to keep this bandage on! Mich x

  3. Oh poor Shadow, I hope he gets well soon. These animals have a way of wrecking the good done to them. Barney our old dog had stitches in his foot (after a bee sting) wearing a cone would have thought all well but no he found a way to push the hood down on the stairs so he could get at the foot and whip out the stitches. Huh pets who'd have 'em....US!


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