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Wednesday 28 March 2012


Hi everyone

Is it really March?  Sitting in the garden early yesterday evening it felt like July.  Long may it last.

Jazz is progressing well - he does, however, keep chewing and trying to pull his stitches out!

Some sad news about Shadow; when my neighbour took him to the vets to check if the splint had helped to keep the plate and pins in place, it was found it hadn't.  Because his leg bones are very thin and fragile, no further surgery/pinning could be attempted and the decision was made to amputate his leg.  This was carried out on Monday afternoon and by the evening he was back home.  Animals are very adaptable and by yesterday evening, he was able to stand, sit down and walk.  He is lovely and it really is a great shame that this happened to such a young cat.

I have managed to get quite a lot of crafting down so far this week - in between gardening.  So hard to resist being outside as at this time of year - who knows when the weather may change back to its normal nippy/chilly day-time temperature.

Richard has a few days off this week, so more gardening and socialising.  Had dinner with friends last night - nice to sit back in the week and catch up with each other.  We started off the evening with some fizz in the garden - so warm (the weather that is, not the fizz) it really was just like a summer's evening.

I had some lovely news yesterday.  I have been 'drawn from the hat' by Cory of Coryographies and have won one of her beautiful bookcase necklaces and a pair of teapot earrings.  I thought they were both lovely when I entered the draw and to have been picked a winner is brilliant.  Thank you Cory.  The post hasn't arrived yet, but I will put a pic of them on my next blog post.  Do have a look at Cory's work - is is really lovely.

A mini-ish post today - thank you everyone who posted on my Handmade Monday blog for your comments and pussy-cat good wishes.  Don't forget to come back and read a fellow-crafting blogger's post on Friday.  It's a good one and of interest to all of us in business.  I am off to finish the guest post I am writing and I will add a link to that as soon as I have posted it and it is published - thank you Lesley, it will be with you very soon.

Enjoy the sun everyone



  1. poor shadow! :( You are right when you say that animals can adapt, I'm glad he was able to get used to it so quickly x

  2. Looking forward to your guest post, Jill.

    Poor Shadow - I hope he will be a very happy three-legged cat.

    What a great week to have chosen for a few days off!

    Lesley x.

  3. Great news about Jazz but how sad for Shadow, cats are very adaptable though and i'm sure he'll be bouncing around on all three legs soon. We used to have a cat who had to have his tail amputated and after falling off a couple of fences he soon found his balance and carried on as normal. Well done on your win. x

  4. Sorry about Shadow. But cats recover quickly because they don't suffer the regret that humans do. I hope Shadow is healed up quickly and back to the routine.

  5. Sorry to hear about Shadow. I hope he recovers quickly and I'm sure he'll adapt. I see a little dog around with his owner & he has 3 legs gets about just fine (though it will be different for cats as they seem to like jumping & climbing more!) Glad he has got such good owners though. Hope this nice weather stays till we get our long weekend from the 'chain gang' that is work! Mich x

  6. My son had a cat that fell out of a tree!!!! damaged his leg and had to have it amputated (the cat not my son), he re-named said cat to Tripod, the cat adjusted really well and got about fine and still climbed trees.
    The weather has been lovely, I'm not sure if we are in for a change, I like the idea of fizz in the garden.

    Jan x

  7. So how is Shadow doing now Jill?


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