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Wednesday 13 February 2013


Hi everyone

I am so glad I have a fur coat!  How on earth do human beings survive without one!  Very chilly outside - well, not that I have been out yet, but Jazz and Daisy have told me it is cold.

As my lovely readers know I am becoming a regular blogger and I thought you would like to see a picture of me planning my post and getting ready to write it:

I tend to prefer using a laptop because the keyboard has plenty of sitting room around it.

Jill went to a Woking Cats Protection Quiz night on Saturday and embarrassed me by not knowing how many whiskers a cat has!  The good news is that the quiz night raised £663 for the branch - well done everyone.

A short post from me today as I have some snoozing to catch up on - also I have promised Jill I will help her with her cards.  Although for some reason she is not so keen on me picking up bits of card and paper and running off with them - just helping to keep things tidy.

'See' you next week.



  1. Yes, well, we would all like a bit more sleep! I know a certain puppy who is keeping us all up.
    Well done Jill on the fund raising - important work x.

  2. You look very cosy there Millie! I don't know how many whiskers cats have either! Jo x

  3. Oh Milly- Jill certainly is ungrateful... and here you are working so hard!


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