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Wednesday 27 February 2013


Hi everyone

I couldn't believe my eyes when Jill calmly walked in on Monday with a basket full of kittens!  Am I not enough for her?  Two little black girls and a little black and white boy.  I am not very impressed with them and while looking at them through the glass door I told them so.  For once, Daisy and I are in agreement - no more kittens please!  It's all very well Jill saying 'they are only staying until they get new homes', but she said that about me and look at me now!

Well, day three and they have grown on me a little.  Buster, the boy, is very brave and comes right up to the glass door and speaks to me.  Unfortunately it is double-glazed so I can't really hear him - thank goodness because I get the feeling he might be saying something a little rude about me.

Jill said I should include a photographs of them as she thinks you would like to see them, so here is one of them all cuddled up and snoozing.  They are not normally this still or quiet, but at just under 9 weeks old they  often curl up and go to sleep - mind you, so do I.

So that you don't forget how gorgeous and cuddly I am, here is a photograph of me as well.  A box appeared on the floor and I jumped into it - as cats do:

Snoozy time for me - best check on the kittens first - I will be back next week with another instalment of my diary.



  1. Sweet Milly, you are a gorgeous puss :-) Pam

  2. Oh Milly looks like you've got some competion in the cute stakes. Not to worry they won't be staying.
    Ali x

  3. Awww Milly they are very cute, I'm sure Miss Jill still thinks of you as her number one kitten, she is very clever at finding them homes, so please don't worry yourself xxxx

  4. I think Jill needs a telling off. What was she thinking? Hope all is quiet at Christmas Pie towers today x.

  5. What on earth possessed Jill to bring home babies???? They are cute! And they are active! And they steal the attention away from us grown-ups! Oh... but aren't they adorable!


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