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Wednesday 3 April 2013


Hello everyone

I think it must be cold outside as Jazz wasn't too keen on going out first thing.  I am the sensible one of the family - I stay close to any warmth I can find: radiators, laptops, computers, humans, I don't mind where I lounge.

This week I thought I would tell you about my typical day.  Like most cats and kittens I wake up early, very early.  I then sit on Jill while she is asleep - no, I am not trying to get her to wake up, I just want to keep an eye on her.  When she does eventually get up, I want my breakfast!  Breakfast over I play for an hour or so.  I chase things, hide things, remove things and put them somewhere else.  I love to play football with paper-balls - so does Daisy and we often have a footie match.  I nearly always win because I pick the ball up and run away with it.  By the time play-time is over, I am very tired so I settle down (somewhere warm and cosy) for a snooze.

In the afternoon I play some more.  I also sit and pull faces at Henry in the conservatory, but I have to say he is growing on me and I shall be sorry, only a little sorry that is, when he goes to his new home.  He hasn't been visited yet, but I am sure he will be very soon.  My afternoon is made up of play, snooze, play, snooze, more play and snooze and then it's tea time!  Yipee.

I watch some television in the evening (I like programmes with birds in), but most of the time I am so tired I sleep on Jill's lap.  She says I make it hard for her to work, but I think she likes it really coz it is a good excuse for her not to do anything but lounge with me.  I sometimes have a bit of a battle to get onto her lap as Jazz often get's there first - it's a bit crowded with both of us there.  Then it's bedtime and I can dream about my day and plan tomorrow's adventures.

As you know, I am a black and white kitten - and a gorgeous one at that.  However, I just wanted to point you in the direction of some equally gorgeous black cats that are with Woking Cats Protection at the moment.  They are all lovely, as you can see here, and would love to have a nice new home very soon, so if you are thinking of adopting a cat or kitten, please do visit the website.

Have a good week everyone.  I will be back next week with more stories from my life in Christmas Pie.


  1. Oh Milly, what a lovely home you have. Here's hoping that Henry will soon find a snuggly lap too x.

  2. I think it's best at the moment to stay inside and find something warm to cuddle up to. I'm sure once the weather warms up you'll have lots of outdoor adventures.
    Ali x


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