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Monday 1 April 2013


Hi everyone

Where did the weekend go?  Hope you all had a Happy Easter?  The days just seemed to whiz by and despite promising myself that I would begin this Sunday's post early, which I did (all three lines of it) I am actually writing most of it two days later than than when it was due to be posted!

I have been busy though, not all socialising - although some of the Easter weekend was spent doing just that.  Last week I spent time making cards for this Saturday's event, making card orders, negotiating to take part in two wedding fayres at Old Thorns in Liphook, Surrey and also producing a website specifically for my wedding stationery.  Oh, yes, and also brain-storming with Linda (my cake-making friend) our next moves with crafting workshops.  Hectic times.

The brief for one of the cards I made was for it to feature someone playing football, some sunny weather (we could all do with that), some bottles of beer,  Happy B irthday the recipient's name and the age of this person.  Here is a photograph of the work-in-progress:

In addition to adding beer bottles and the age (which I put on the bottom edge of the shorts) I also added the Happy Birthday greeting on a football scarf.

A quick post this time because I am so late and very behind with what I need to work on.  Don't forget to catch up with my far more organised fellow crafters taking part in this week's Handmade Monday and I will be back next Sunday (on time I hope).  Milly will be here tomorrow with her weekly 'tail'.

I will add full details of my events to my blog and websites today.

Have a good week everyone



  1. We had a great weekend, hope you did too. That football card looks terrific! Looking forward to hearing all about your plans :-)

  2. I love the image of the guy playing football on the beach! Good luck with all the new events x

  3. I really like the creative way you have included all the important information on the card - I would probably just stick them on anywhere (which is why I don't make cards!!)

  4. Well you have been so busy you have done well to do a post at all! The football card is fab!

  5. I'm sure any football fan would love to have that card.

  6. he he :) that's such a fun card! Its lovely that you still find the time to make such individual custom orders amongst everything else that you're involved with. Good luck with all your latest ventures, i look forward to hearing how they develop :) x

  7. Love card making myself so I hope you enjoying yourself too!
    Hope you have had good Easter! x x

  8. Oh my gosh you do sound like a busy lady! The card is great, certainly special with the individual personal touches for the recipient.

  9. Love the footballer :-) Hope you have had a good week - sorry for the last minute read & comment! Simmi x


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