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Wednesday 24 July 2013


Hello everyone

Running late again today - I blame it on the heat, too hot to do all of the things I am supposed to do.  However, as you all know, I am Chief kitten in Christmas Pie and this means I have a long list of things to do every day before I have time for myself: kitten meals to get ready, playing with the kittens, training them, making sure they don't go into the front garden, showing them where the sunniest or coolest parts of the garden are.  A Chief Kitten's work is never done.

Life at Christmas Pie has rather slowed down recently - the weather has been too hot to do 'stuff' and lots of my time is spent stretched out in a cool place snoozing.  There are times when I wish I hadn't told Coco and Poppy about these cool places because they often get to them before me!

Meal times are good fun - who gets fed first?  Jill can only manage three bowls at a time, so it tends to be the three who can dive on them the quickest.  Coco and Poppy try to push me out of the way, but this sort of behaviour is just not acceptable from young kittens and I tell them so!  They also try to do the same with Jazz and as he is such a big softy he moves out of the way for them.

I am off to snooze again - as I said at the beginning of my post, life is hard for a Chief Kitten.

See you next week - enjoy the sunshine



  1. What? No! Kittens should never get first dibs! Really, Jazz..... *tuts* -June Buggie

  2. It sure has been so hot, must be very hot in your fur coat Milly.

    Hope your recovering well now Jill xxxx


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