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Wednesday 3 July 2013


Hello everyone

A gorgeous week of sunshine, but today grey and soggy - it doesn't stop me going out and having fun though.  I haven't brought any more wild-life home, but the feather collection is increasing - well it would be if Jill kept them!

However, the BIG news of the week is that Coco and Holly have been adopted - by Jill and Richard!  They came to the decision that they couldn't really part with them so yesterday was THE day - all the paperwork was completed and they are now official Christmas Pie residents.

Coco and Holly haven't really responded to their names and although Jill and Richard have always kept the original names of their adopted cats and kittens, Jill wants to change the names of the two newbies.  First of all it was going to be Coco and Chanel (as in the designer), then Poppy and Rosie because they like the flowers and the latest idea is Coco and Coffee.  Coco and Coffee are rather good names because they are very dark tortie cats - but watch this space.

It is settling-in-and-getting-used-to-each-other time here.  Jazz is fine with them - he likes anything with four legs - I am OK-ish and getting better, but Daisy isn't too sure about them.  She likes a quiet, calm life and we kittens can be very boisterous, because we like to play, rush around and jump and climb on things (and cats).

Although Coco and Holly now have a 'new' home, there are still lots of cats and kittens who are looking for their own new home, so don't forget to visit the Woking Cats Protection website if you are looking for a cat or kitten to adopt.

I have to check on the kittens (okay they are only one month older than I am, but I'm in charge) and then back out into the garden to play.

Have a good week everyone - I will be back next week with more Christmas Pie cats and kittens news.


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  1. Oh wow, that is big news! Hope you will all be good cats and kittens this week x.


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