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Sunday 3 November 2013


Hello everyone

How are you?  I hope you survived the storm of last Sunday night/Monday morning.  Quite a few trees were uprooted around here, but as far as I know no damage sustained by homes or people and no loss of power.  I know there are lots of moans and groans about the 'event' being over-dramatised by the media, possibly because it was under-dramatised back in 1987.  It, did, however give us a chance to prepare for potential problems.  Because of past bad weather, loss of power, etc some time ago we invested in a generator - it's a small one, but at least it means we are not lit just by candle-power during the frequent power-cuts we have.  It was interesting to see people in supermarkets shopping as though they were never ever going to be able to get to a food shop again!

An event free weekend, thank goodness, but the last one for a long time - I think my next event-free weekend is the one after Christmas.  After my three-day Christmas Fayre at Secretts Garden Centre, I am
having space in the Christmas Emporium  (doesn't that sound good?) and on Friday of last week, Linda (who shares the after-three-day-event space with me) and I attended a lunch and meeting with our fellow emporium-ists to review the floor plan, marketing and promotion, duty rota and all the other little bits and pieces that needed to be dealt with.  We may all have different products to sell (not all handmade) and certainly we all have different ideas, viewpoints and plans, but we all want to sing from the same song sheet throughout the event.  We talked about having Christmas carols playing when we were open - perhaps we could form a singing group?  Uhm, perhaps not.

This week I have made what seems like 100's of mini cards, some more jute bags (one which has a lovely owl as the design) and loads of Christmas cards - no photographs unfortunately as I am pricing and packing them as soon as I have made them.  I already have 4 large cardboard boxes full of stock and that's without all the loose piles of things everywhere, the large laundry bags full of table and wall coverings, bags and all the other things needed at an event, and the tables, racks, etc.   Thank goodness Secretts is near to me as I have a feeling it might involve at least a couple of trips to offload what I need for just the three-day event, let alone the longer one afterwards.

Now it is back to make, label, pack and even more make, label and pack,  A little light relief from making Christmas stock is my final wedding fayre of the year at the Old Thorns Hotel, which takes place next Sunday.  I haven't done a wedding fayre this late in the year and I am wondering if it will be as busy as those I have attended recently.  I want to make one completely brand new range in all white with a ribbon trim - haven't decided on the colour yet, hope to have photographs for you next week.

Thank you everyone who visited my blog last week and an extra special thank you to those who commented - I love feedback, its always helpful and often gives me ideas of things I need to change and/or new things to make.  Don't forget to drop in on this week's Handmade Monday blog party and read what everyone has been up to during the past week - lots of lovely Christmas makes are appearing each week.

If you would like to be a guest blogger, now is a great time to join in.  You may have events or a new product range that you want to bring to peoples attention - how about a blog post here?  Get in touch if you would like to join in or would like more information.

Have a great week - see you next Sunday



  1. Phew. Sounds as if you have been very busy. I hope it all goes well. xx

  2. You are always do busy. Glad all is going well. Carols sound a great idea, although I once worked in a woollen mill in Scotland, where music was played all day. After a bit it did drive you a bit crazy.

  3. Hope you made the most of being event free this weekend - you are a busy bee, aren't you? Good luck with your new designs x

  4. I'm glad the storm didn't hit you too badly.. we had power out for most of the day but no trees down so nothing like '87!

    Wow i don't know how you keep up with making for all these fairs and attending them too, i hope you take a well deserved break from it all once Christmas is out the way! x

  5. We were lucky that the storm didn't cause too much mayhem for us, but there were a lot of people hit badly and a few villages close by had lost power for 2 and 3 days and quite a few road accidents were reported.

    Your Christmas Emporium sounds good and good luck with your wedding fair. I think a deep red would be a good winter colour, and summer sky blue is a favourite of mine with fluffy cloud white. :)

    Jan x

  6. We escaped the ravages of the storm here so were quite lucky. I am preparing for a 3 day event too - good luck with yours!

  7. Wow you are busy. It sounds like you'll be making, labeling and packing in your sleep. Glad to hear you survived the storm undamaged.
    Ali x

  8. Goodness how busy you are. How are you finding the craft fayres? Sounds like you are having success. We'd be interested in a guest blog post ...
    Lesley & Ray
    Bath Bomb Creations & Grumpy Joe's Pet Emporium

  9. So glad you survived the storm. Thankfully it managed to avoid us here in Sunderland.

    I hope you've been enjoying your 'free' weekend though it sounds like you'll have been extremely busy. Hope the wedding fayre goes well xx

  10. Fab! I love to hear that you are busy crafting. Hope it sells really well at Secretts x.

  11. It's a busy time of year, isn't it? I hope the fairs all go well for you - I'm sure they will. I'm glad the storms weren't too bad for you - we have hardly been touched here.

  12. Wow you are very busy, make sure you don't overdo things getting ready for the fairs - plenty of time for tea and biscuits! I hope they're ver successful for you. Have a good week.

  13. Hope your fairs go well - sometimes I wish I had 8 weekends each month in in this time of a year to fit everything in and still keep some sanity. Good luck with the preparations.

  14. You sound very busy, I hope all the fairs go well :)


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