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Wednesday 27 November 2013


Hello everyone

Boy, is my face red!  yes, I know that is very hard to see on the face of a black and white cat, but believe me it is.  I forgot to write my diary last week.  Did you miss me?  I was soooo busy that the week just disappeared.

Having missed a week, I didn't get around to telling you about the four foster kittens we have: Emily, Lisa, Jen and Lois.  No photographs yet because Jill says they are just like all the kittens she has fostered, they won't keep still long enough to have a picture taken!  They are sisters, ten weeks old and there are three ginger and white ones and a tortoiseshell one.  As always, Jill says they are very cute, but I don't know about that because as you all know, there is only one cute cat in the world: me!

It's getting very cold here and I am really pleased when it is time to come into the warm after a day spent playing, chasing and rushing around.  However, it doesn't stop me from rushing out again in the morning - I have been collecting feathers and bringing them in.  Although they disappear very quickly and as this has happened before, I think someone here doesn't like pigeon or magpie feathers dropped on them.  No sense of fun and I did hear Jill say something about making a wreath with feathers - not pigeon or magpie feathers  apparently.

It's late, it's dark and I am hungry so nipping off now for my tea.  I promise not to forget to write my diary next week and I will get Jill to include a photograph of 'our' foster kittens.

Have fun everyone.


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  1. Wow, four!!! Where will Jill find the time for crafting, I wonder?


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