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Sunday 21 August 2011


Hi everyone

First of all, a BIG  thank you to my new blog followers (as well as my 'old' ones of course).  It's great fun to share my 'ramblings' with fellow crafters as we talk the same language.  Also great to have non-crafters join me too.

An interesting week weather-wise - gorgeous sunshine and warm one day, horrendous rain the next!  The one good thing is that our hanging baskets and pots were well and truly watered and I was saved trundling around with watering cans.  I love gardening, but have reduced the number of containers I plant up over the last couple of years as a lot of enjoyment is lost because of the time-consuming watering that takes place.  However, the rain has encouraged the lily buds in the pond to expand, so hopefully they will be in flower very soon.

Jazz and Daisy have not been overly impressed with the changing weather this week; Jazz in particular is a sunshine boy, whereas Daisy is happy to snooze her day away no matter what the weather.

Have been working on a card-order today for a friend.  Her niece has got good A-level results and will be off to University, so a congratulations card has been requested.   I won't give anything away, just in case she reads this blog, but will add a pic to my Wednesday posting.  I am always so pleased when friends ask me to make cards for them, as I feel it is a big compliment and I do hope they will be pleased with this one.

This coming week has got to be Christmas card-making week - otherwise I will be turning up at events with only birthday cards, thank you cards, etc.  I have lots of material, lots of ideas, just need to get down to work.

With the exception of my friend's card and an anniversary card, very little crafting has been accomplished this week.  However, I have spent time on sorting out my blog and looking for similar blogs to follow and I have found some really beautiful ones.  While you are visiting my blog, don't forget to check out the links to the left hand side of my postings - especially Shiloh's tails, he certainly seems to be 'exercising' his family.

Don't forget I am looking for and collecting ideas for what crafters and customers expect from fairs - have a look at my 17 August post for more information.  Caroline of Caroleecrafts has already started the ball rolling with good recommendations, so come one everyone let's make our Christmas events the best ever.

Have a good week everyone - I will be back on Wednesday with my mid-week blog.


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