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Wednesday 24 August 2011


Hi everyone

A short mid-week blog this week.  I have been knocked out since Sunday with a cough, cold, flu - not too sure what it is.  Spent a lot of time lounging as felt too grim to to do much else.  A little better today, although still tired and achey.  I managed to get the Congratulations card made that my friend ordered, plus an anniversary card, but that has been the extent of my card-making this week.  Sadly, didn't get around to photographing the congrats card.  She was very pleased with the card, so that made feeling poorly worthwhile.

Despite planning to make oodles of Christmas cards this week, I haven't made any!  Very disappointing but my excuse is coughing and sneezing all of the time makes cutting paper, adding embellishments and writing very, very hard.  The weather seems to have come out in sympathy - cold, grey, miserable, wet - just how I feel!

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone - I am off to wallow some more and hope to be back with a cheerful blog on Sunday


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