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Sunday 15 April 2012


Hello everyone

Do you find that no matter how much you plan to do you never ever achieve half or even any of it?  I am pretty bad at not writing down what I should do (sometimes I do and the rest of the time I forget to!) - would it make things more achievable if I was confronted (or frightened) with a list of urgent, must-do's?

I had planned to attend the RSPCA Car Boot Sale at Chobham today (as a seller) and managed to come up with all manner of excuses not to do so!  Too cold, too windy, ground too wet, not enough 'stuff' to sell, too many other things to do - so almost needless to say, I still have the boxes of books, plates, other bits and pieces of china sitting in my hallway!  Do I feel guilty?  A little, but in the immortal words of Scarlett, tomorrow is another day - or another car boot sale if I can find one.  I think in future I am not going to say 'I plan to do...........', think I will change it to 'I hope to do...........' - perhaps that way I won't feel so disappointed when things I want to do don't get done.

I was very pleased to have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award this week - not once, but twice.  How complimentary is that.  The first time by Rachel of the House of Pinheiro - thank you Rachel.  I went on to nominate 15 other lovely bloggers - so please do check out my Wednesday Post as I am sure some of you Handmade Monday peeps do not yet realise you are one of my nominated Versatile Blogger's too.  I did post a note on all of the blogs involved, but think some of them may have been missed.  My second Award came from Dawn Hart who writes some really great posts and I recommend reading them - thank you for my award Dawn.  In the tradition of the Versatile Blogger Award, I will be nominating another 15 bloggers in my Wednesday post.

Still on the past week, I hope you have all read about Chester and Taffy's cake-making event in my Friday Guest post by Alison of Fiddly Fingers.  On Handmade Monday posts, we have met Chester but can now see what a very versatile cat he is - I can see Alison will have to hire him out as a chef.  Thank you for joining in with the Guest Blog spot, Alison, your tale (or is that tail?) and pics are great.  Alison will be guest-blogging again for me, so keep an eye out for another great post.  As always, if you have a story, topic, new range that you would like to write about/promote, do join in the Friday Guest Blog Spot - contact me on

The dreaded lurgy has struck in Christmas Pie - you know the one that men get soooo much worse than women?  Richard has a cold and a really grim cough - not sure who gets woken up at night with it the most, him or me, or the neighbourhood!  As you can imagine, his ailment is verging on double (perhaps triple) pneumonia.  How lucky we are not to suffer as much as men do!  However, having sounded very unsympathetic, he is quite poorly - or so he keeps telling me.

I haven't completed all of my card orders yet, will post pics as soon as I have.  However, another order placed this week is making me wonder whether Surrey is becoming the English home of Whiskey drinkers!  A second order for a card for someone who likes their Whiskey.  Oh well, as long as these Whiskey-lovers like my cards, I don't mind what their tipple is.

Before I forget - a cat update: Shadow is doing very well and adapting to life without his left leg.  He has had all of his stitches out and has settled into his new home very well - he will be kept in for a very long time though.  Jazz is doing well and still keeps holding up his paw!  Boy, what an attention seeker!

It is Handmade Monday time and in addition to my card orders, I have also begun to add to my other 'new' ranges - still working on what and how and where and why, but I am pleased with this particular one and feel that it would look good in other colours.  I have already bought some gold, pink and lime green material in preparation for my next makes.  I have bound the heart-shape with gorgeous dark red chiffon material strips, then with thin dark red ribbon and finally I added two roses.

Despite the cold and the wind, I am back out to do some gardening - everything grows faster at this time of year than I can keep up with.  The weeds that I looked at last week and thought 'oh I will deal with them next week' now resemble trees!  OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I am sure the gardeners among you know what I mean.

I will be back on Wednesday with my mid-week post to which I will add my list of 15 gorgeous bloggers that I am passing on the Versatile Blogger Award (VBA) too.

Have fun everyone - don't forget to visit the other bloggers taking part in Handmade Monday this week and also the blogs of those  nominated for the VBA this week.



  1. Hope Mr Christmas Pie is feeling better soon. The heart looks like it was inspired from our tutorial on Glass Jar Gifts blog ?? Looks great, Jill.
    Don't feel hard on yourself for not doing the carboot. If you're not feeling up to it, it wouldn't have been any fun.
    Congratulations on your award.

    1. Your hearts are lovely so may add some different ones to my range. Many thanks.

  2. My to do lists are much like yours - non existent! And my garden also resembles a jungle at the moment thanks to the rain and sun we have had! X

  3. I always plan to do more than I actually achieve - I am definitely over-optimistic as far as time goes and always expect too much of myself. I have a plan of action for getting myself more organised though (sharing that in a few days!). Love the heart x

  4. Mr Azalea Avenue has had man flu and very kindly given it to me but as I have women flu no where near as bad, his was verging on pneumonia whilst mine is a sniffle! Don;t blame you not going to a car boot too cold and could rain!

    I have started to use Bento and it is brilliant just need to organise myself to update it all then I will be buzzing.

  5. Gosh! Reading this post makes me feel worn out! You must be busy all the time. Glad the 'puddy' cats are doing well and with the same amount of sympathy as I muster up for my own husband, I hope Richard feels better soon! Have a good week!

  6. I can so relate! I love the heart! Gorgeous!

  7. I'm so pleased that Dawn at awarded you a VBA - you would have been on my list too!

    Don't be too hard on yourself for not doing everything on your list, that's life. Yes, make a wish to do list from now on.

    The heart is so pretty - what about doing letters, you know as in J for Jill?

    Thanks for the cat update - so pleased all is well in kitty land.

    Lesley x.

    1. Hi Lesley, when I bought the blanks for the hearts, I also bought a couple of letters and didn't do anything with them, so that's a good idea to do the same with them as the heart - many thanks.

  8. I too only ever does a fraction of what I hope to do, I hate car boots in the cold and rain so I don't blame you for not going, I wouldn't have done it either.
    Love the heart, I've done wool ones and t.shirt ones but not used pretty ribbon, the colour is lovely, looking forward to seeing more.

    Jan :)

  9. My husband had a cold the other week and never stopped telling me how he hated feeling ill - I wish he had shut up and just got on with it!
    The heart is lovely - I do something similar, but wrap them with wool and then add needle-felted bits.

  10. The only good thing about doing a car boot in the rain/cold is getting home. The heart is really pretty.
    Anji x

  11. So glad that shadow os getting better. And not surprised that Jazz is after some sympathy too!
    The heart looks lovely, and like you say it will be just as lovely in other colours too am sure.
    Thanks again for the award :) hope you have a great week x

  12. Hello Jill, congratulations on your awards this week! I've found your blog from the Handmade Monday site (your handmade heart this week is a gorgeous gift!) It really is a great blog. I'm looking to reading more posts. Have a great week! :) xx

  13. Congratulations on two awards - that's fantastic! Nothing beats the feeling that someone out there recognises and appreciates what you do :)

    I'm glad you poor pussy cat is doing well - its quite amazing how animals can adapt pretty quickly to such a big change! x

  14. I, like so many of us, always plan to do loads and never get round to it all. I dont think you could possibly fit any more in, you seem to be busy, busy, busy, I'm out of breath just reading your post.
    Congratulations on your awards, and I'm so glad your puss is getting better.
    Hugs Sue x

  15. The heart is really lovely. I like your idea of a 'hope to do list' I definitely have one of those too.

  16. Poor Mr Christmas Pie - hope he is recovering so you can get some sleep! Glad to hear the update on Shadow and Jazz. Love the heart - would look good in my sitting room! Congrats on the awards! (I'm still working on my post for this award) Mich x

  17. Glad to hear Shadow is doing well, it's amazing how well animals manage with only 3 legs..

    Never slowed Meegan (my Rottie) down when she lost her back leg, in fact she could turn on a sixpence after she'd recovered from the op.

    Dawn xxx


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