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Friday 6 April 2012


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This old, faded beauty, Budapest will always surprise you with its fantastic cultural events, fabulous architecture, basilicas, churches, magnificent museums, spas, and vibrant nightlife.  The Budapest Music Festival is one of Europe's largest events, with over 200 annual events.  Performances are held throughout the year and a wide range of mediums are represented: classical music, operas, operettas, jazz and rock concerts.  In summer time when the weather is predictable, you can dine al fresco, book for an open-air opera, or the dance, and jazz at Margaret Island.

Margaret Island

Scenic Boat Trips on the majestic Danube are always a pleasure and make a memorable evening.  You can choose to visit Esztergom or Visegrád. Both have famous basilicas, medieval castles, plenty of atmosphere and fabulous panoramic views.  All boat excursions depart from Vigadó Square and you can take trips for one-hour, half a day or a whole day.

Visegrád is about a two hours up the river and it is as scenic, as you would expect. Once there, you can climb up to the top of the Castle and admire the views below as you see the river bends winding into the distance.

Our terrace view

Esztergom is a further hour on and has one of the largest basilicas in Europe: a place that has witnessed many kings' coronations.  It is an important testimony to Hungarian history witnessing many bloody wars and miraculously it is still standing today.  Take a rest after admiring the enormous dome and beautiful frescos by visiting one of the many local restaurants to sample the fish soup, followed by sweet cheese pancakes.  You will like the bill, as you will eat for less as Hungary is still the cheapest place to eat in Europe, a mid-range restaurant will set you back around £8-10 per head.

After you have exhausted yourself site seeing, you will probably want to relax next day at one of the famous Gellért or the Széchenyi spa baths.  Their water has healing properties and combined with a good massage will surely revive you. The Gellért spa has artificial waves and a vaulted glass roof, which opens in the summer, was built in the Neo-Classical style in 1918.  Széchenyi is a neo-baroque building, built in 1913; its thermals springs have been bubbling up since 1879, and is the deepest and warmest of the many spas.

The City's transport system is good.  You can purchase a one-week passport on your arrival at the airport or buy them individually. The 'Hop On and Off' buses, which represent excellent value - around £15 per person for a 24 hour unlimited, travel ticket with guided tours included.

As prices are reasonable, you can buy a five 'puttonyos' Tokaj (Hungary's most famous wine) and enjoy it with Russian caviar!  Yes, you can afford it!  Nothing quite beats sipping on the terrace overlooking the river with the sun going down.

Al fresco lunch on our terrace

There are hundreds of self-catering apartments with varied quality and huge price differences, so you need to consider carefully, where to stay.  The first thing you should ask yourself: ‘What factors are important to having a wonderful holiday?’ If your tick box is looking, something like the one below, your choice has narrowed considerably.  If you would like to have a Rolls-Royce version of a luxury stay, a  terrace for sun bathing and al fresco dining in privacy, combined with panoramic views over the Buda Hills and the Royal Palaces, ultra modern furnishings, spa and gym, secure car parking, European TV channels including English ones, WiFi, 24 hours concierge.  Well, you see what I mean. This is our Penthouse Paradise apartment’s description and we are very proud to present it to our guests.  

However, if you only wish to focus on the ‘touristy bits’, you will have plenty of choices. In any case, make sure that you have enough information about the apartment before you rent it: its exact location, services, number of beds, bathrooms etc.  Does any of your party expect to sleep in the lounge on an open sofa bed?  Does it have a lift?  Yes, many old buildings have no lifts, if it only has two flights of stairs!  This is why I suggest having a ‘shopping list’ in mind as it will be easier to choose just the right apartment.

Royal Castle – Chain Bridge – Parliament at Night

However, you will have fun in this city.  To me, it is never boring, and takes me by surprise every time I visit this unique city.  I am, of course, biased my dear Reader, because Budapest is my birthplace.

I urge you to choose to visit Budapest, as it will change your concept of ‘Eastern Europe’.  I wish you an unforgettable stay in Budapest!  If you need any help regarding anything connected with travel to Budapest, just email or call me, I am happy to help.  There is so much more to tell you about this incredibly beautiful place.  I am always at the end of the phone and delighted to help with any travel tips.


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  1. Hi Eva (and Jill),

    After a short break in Vienna recently, Budapest sounds like a possibility for the next one.

    Good advice on having a 'shopping list' - apartments can be so variable.

    Lesley x.

    1. Hi Lesley,

      Thank you so much for yrou booking!

      I am sure, once you visited the place, you will tell your friends how wonderful it was!

      Read our latest testimonial.

      Talk later



  2. Hmmmm..... is it a pet friendly place?

    1. Sorry, it is not a pet freindly palce as it would not suit a pet.

      It is a penthouse apartment perfect for a spa break, a cultural visit.

      You would have trouble to take a pet through airport customs anyway!

      It would stress out the animal.

      Best to put them into a nice local place, where they look after them.

      'Eastern Europe' is not what the media writes.

      Hope to see you bookuing with us sometime.

      My Best Wishes



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