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Sunday 1 April 2012


Hi everyone

What a fabulous week it has been.  Who could have guessed that the last week of March could have resembled the first week of July (well some July’s in England that is).  Unfortunately, a bit of a blip occurred yesterday as it was rather chilly, but spring is here so surely more good weather to come, fingers crossed.  However, I am now updating my post as it was thick frost this morning when I got up!  Er, who left the freezer door open?  All change, as I am finishing off this post, the sun is shining again - but please tell me I misheard the weather forecast that there is a possibility of snow?

It has been a great week for lots of small businesses that took part and were successful in Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday (#SBS) activity on Twitter.  Well done to Handmade Monday’s Wendy for being one of the stars – well deserved recognition.  It’s lovely to see all of the new pics on Twitter of winners displaying their certificate while standing next to Mr P.  Well done everyone.  I take part in the SBS tweeting every week, but know that I need to get a move on with my website to have any chance of being noticed.

Despite my week beginning with sad news about cats, it finished on a high as our vet rang us early yesterday morning to give us the good news that Jazz’s trotter problem was due to a deep-rooted infection and nothing more sinister – yippee!  Shadow is also getting more mobile and thank you everyone for your good wishes for both cats.

We have been ‘on leave’ the last few days of the week (Richard took some time off of work) and the good weather has helped us get lots of work completed in the garden – sunshine is such a motivator.  We took some time out to go to the flicks – haven’t been for ages - and saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel..We went to one of the afternoon shows and there were about 12 people in the cinema!  A lovely film – bound to be with such a great cast.

I am lucky to live very near to the RHS gardens at Wisley and frequently wander around the grounds with a fellow gardening friend – we have actually been locked in twice!  The same friend and I went to an evening event at Wisley about 10 days ago and as always we spent more time nattering than buying – probably not such a bad thing really, but I did buy two lots of seed potatoes.  We are off to Chelsea next month, tickets ordered and on their way to us.  A fantastic show and the highlight will always be that a few years ago Alan Titchmarsh said ‘hello’ to my friend during our visit!  Needless to say, he is her BFF and gardening guru.

As mentioned in my mid-week post, my week also included a lovely ‘win’ of a bookcase necklace and teapot earrings from Cory of Coryographies.  Cory also had some good news to share this week as her jewellery will soon be on sale in a shop in Islington.  Well done Cory, I am sure it will be a great success.  Here is a pic of my winnings – aren’t they cute?

I hope you all managed to get a chance to drop in to read Friday’s guest blogger’s post?  Caroline (Caroleecrafts) wrote a great article about the importance and value of Market Research.  If you want to join in the Friday Guest Blogger spot, it would be lovely to have your company and craft and non-craft related posts are welcome.  Get in touch on

I also took part in guest blogging this week on Lesley Beeton’s, Mad Woman of Shackleford blog – thank you Lesley for the invitation to be a guest blogger.  It was nice to recall the 'fun' bits of being a cat-owner.  Yes, it’s another cat story, but it’s a funny one so I hope you enjoy it and I do recommend you spend some time reading Lesley's other posts - all great reads.

We are rushing towards Handmade Monday – another week that has whizzed by.  Is it an age thing, or is the pace of life is so much faster now?  Whilst I am not quite near to completing my website ready for it to 'go live', I have been working on the different ranges to be included on said website.  One of them is decorated gift bags.  These had their first outing at the fair in Godalming I attended, and they proved to be very popular.  They are also on sale on my wall at Bourne Mill.  Within the range are single bags, bags with a matching gift card, and bags with a matching gift card and greetings card.  This is one of my favourites - the colours are lovely and the paper was a freebie wallpaper sample.

Time to go and enjoy some sunshine before it disappears, plus I have seeds to sew and weeds to pull - why is it that very little weather-wise affects the growth and spread of weeds!

As always, thank you to everyone who comments on my posts (and on my guest blogger's posts too); I love to read your comments and feedback is always welcome.  With that in mind, don't forget to visit the other bloggers taking part in Handmade Monday - I always look forward to see what goodies everyone has made each week and reading their posts

Have fun everyone - I will be back on Wednesday.



  1. Wow, what a lot of news!

    And all good news too - great to hear that Jazz will be OK.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Lesley x.

  2. You have been busy last week and still found time to craft. So good Jazz is getting better these animals! Have a good week crafting and hope the snow stays away.

  3. the bag and card are lovely and it's great to put to use something that might otherwise be thrown away. I just love Cory's bookcase necklaces - lucky you, well done! x

  4. Gosh you've been busy, but there is SO much to do this time of year! I envy you living within reach of Wisley, how inspirational...

  5. The jewellery you won is gorgeous, lucky you! Love the colours of the gift bag and that you have made matching cards too, sure the range will be really successful Have a good week.

    Samantha x

  6. What a busy post!I really want to see Best Exotic Marigold Hotel so I'm glad to read you enjoyed it.Love your winnings and how you've used the wallpaper-great bags!

  7. I do love to read your chatty posts and you always manage to cram so much in! Have a great week x

  8. What a clever way to use up the wallpaper samples! I love the gift bags, so bright and cheerful. Hope you have a good week even though the weather is set to be cold. x

  9. We've got snow forecast for our part of the world....sigh. Good thing I wasn't tempted to put any seeds/plants in yet!
    Congrats on your win. Cory must have very nimble fingers to make something so small.

  10. So pleased to hear Jazz's toe problem wasn't as bad as feared. These infections can be nasty things. Also pleased to hear that Shadow is on the mend too. I'm sure they'll both be fighting fit now that Spring is in the air.
    Love the gift bags too. You're very clever!

  11. Glad to hear good news about the cats. And there is always something to do, isn't there?

  12. That is funny about weeds, they do well no matter what. They will be the last thing on Earth! :) I love the bag, and am glad about the cats being good news.

  13. What a fab win, how cute are they?!
    Hope the cats are well and truely on the mend now.
    Hope you have a great week

  14. What a busy week you have had. The little earrings are really cute. The weather the last couple of weeks has been really nice - even here! Back to a bit colder today tho and a smidge of rain. Mich x

  15. I don't go to the cinema very often but I do enjoy it when I do go.
    Your prize looks so sweet, well done Cory on making such lovely necklace and earrings.
    I too had a busy weekend in the garden, we spent most of our time jet washing before the hosepipe ban comes into force.

    Jan x

  16. Your winnings look fabulous. Well done you, & well done Cory for making them. Love the bags - amazing what you can do with freebies.

  17. Lots of going on in life now :)
    great news about the cat's health :)
    your winnings are cute, love especially those little tea pots :)
    your gift bag and the whole matching set is so nice! would make a lovely addition to a present for someone :)

  18. What a lovely chatty post, I really enjoyed reading it! The bag and tag are lovely. Enjoy the sunshine befoe the snow arrives!
    Jo x

  19. Great blog post, you have been busy! Lucky you winning the jewellery, it is gorgeous!
    I love the colours you have used on the gift bag, what a great idea using wallpaper samples.
    I am glad your pets are getting better, they are a worry sometimes aren't they?


  20. Sounds like you've managed to fit a lot into the last week and what great news about the cats. The bag and card are lovely and the jewellery is very cute. Well done for winning that. x


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