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Wednesday 20 June 2012


Hello everyone

Yes, I know my title is not quite the correct one for the tune of a similar name, but it seems appropriate for the weather.  The sun has been shining for a few days, the roses everywhere look gorgeous and the odd glass of wine in the garden in the evening helps the title to become almost correct.  Sadly, I understand from the cheerful weather forecaster on the BBC we return to, what he called, normal weather from tomorrow: rain and low temperatures.  Is rain and low temperature now classed as normal for June?

I want to spend as much time in the garden today as possible, the grass (I would love to call it a lawn, but sadly it only pretends to be a lawn) needs cutting (Richard's job for this afternoon), there are plants to be dug up and moved, new plants to be planted and hopefully my order from Crocus will arrive today.  

I have another quirky card order to make and will work on that this evening and memory permitting, I will post the pic on my weekend blog.  I am also making stock for Bourne Mill, and (sorry to mention the word) beginning to make stock for Christmas too.

A short blog post - off to hoe, dig, plant and, as always, weed.  A photograph of Jazz and Daisy in the garden yesterday - Daisy is by the pond and to the left of her I have just spotted a crop of those pesky Mare's Tails!  Jazz is being Jazz - his life is a mix of lounging and even more lounging.

Enjoy the sun everyone, let's hope the forecasters are wrong and we have good weather for the rest of this week.  Don't forget to come back on Friday for another great guest blog post.  I will be back with my Sunday/Monday post.



  1. I have just come in doors after cutting all the lawns and clearing the thousands of primroses from choking one of my young trees and thinking that I was the only one who had all this work to do then read your post. I am too tired to empty the wheelbarrow so have left it outside the back gate. Hope no one nicks it.
    I do miss seeing my animals lounging in the sunshine. They look sooo contented Jill and showing how well loved they are.

    1. I be the primroses look lovely, but sadly so much grows in the wrong place'. Hard work maintaining everything. Jazz loves the sunshine, Daisy isn't so keen - but it is nice to see them stretched out (while we work!).

  2. Jazz and Daisy have exactly the right idea. I think it will be OK for the rest of the week - just dodge the showers x.

    1. Oh, I hope so Lesley - my Crocus plants were delivered a short while ago and will get them planted tomorrow after pottery.

  3. I'm sorry to disappoint but it's tipping it down, here in Devon! Wish I could bear more cheerful news!

  4. Could you send some of that rain our way?

  5. Wine in the garden what a lovely idea amongst the roses and after the wind last night now a carpet of petals, such a shame and Wimbledon starts this week, what a surprise.


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