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Wednesday 6 June 2012


Hi everyone

Hard to believe it is June (of the Flaming June variety??) as it is so cold, as well as wet.  I think in the UK we are so used to Bank Holidays being wet that nothing stopped the celebrations going ahead.  Our BBQ went ahead as planned and the only rain we had was at about 4.00 pm - after that we were able to eat outside.  A really nice day and although cool the sun came out around 7.00 pm so we moved down the garden as the sun travelled down.  I hope everyone enjoyed the celebrations and I am sure they will continue until long after the Olympics have finished too.

You may recall that on 1 May we celebrated the 21st birthday of a friend's cat?  Very sad to report that Carmen, the lovely 21-year old black cat, died on Tuesday.  Over the last few days, she went quickly down hill and she passed away peacefully in her home - much nicer than going to the vets.  Her house-pal, Shadow - the cat who had to have one of his front legs amputated - is very, very lost at the moment.  As those of you with pets know, it is very hard to lose them..They are such an important part of our lives and although we do get used to them not being around, it takes a very long time for that to happen.

Hard to believe this week is almost half over - the last few days seem to have rushed by and as much as I have promised myself not to sit and watch the various celebrations on the television, it has been hard not to.  I completed one of my rush cards without photographing it!  I had promised to add it to my Handmade Monday post at the weekend, and forgot!  I like to take pics of the cards I make so that I can add them to my website and also leaflets to hand out at events to show the different styles of work that I do.  I really do need some memory training!

Quick update on questions posed on recent blog posts: Shadow is doing very well.  He has adapted amazingly well to losing a leg and he nips around well.  He gets tired, which is understandable, but he is now out and about in the garden.  He doesn't travel far, which is good news.  Highland Monkey asked me how long it took the Royal Thrones to be made by my brother-in-law's company and apparently they began work on them in February and I know they were almost completed around about mid-May.  They do look lovely and if a new home is needed for them, I think my summerhouse would set them off very well.

I am looking for guest bloggers for my Friday spot, so do get in touch if you would like to join in:  All topics welcome; approximately 600 - 800 words, lots of pics and all links to Twitter, Facebook, website, etc should be included too.

I have to finish off my second rush card, and take a photograph this time!  I hope you enjoy the rest of this week - it's half-term so let's hope the weather improves.



  1. Flaming June indeed - but the veggies seem to love it. Potatoes growing out of their boxes!

    Sorry to hear about Carmen, but what a great age for a cat x.

    Looking forward to seeing a pic of the thrones in your conservatory :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend's cat :( Like you say, they are a big part of your family and it leaves a large hole.

  3. I am with you on the weather, is summer over? feels almost Autumnal.

    Sorry to hear about Carmen but 21 such a great age what is that about 147, wow. Shadow is a trooper and probably took it better than most humans.

    Those thrones do look good but not sure about you having them, you may get ideas above your station , Jazz and Daisy could not look good on them though.

    Hope you get some more guests and enjoy your card making.

  4. I am sorry to hear about Carmen. Makes all the more special that the family took in Shadow. xxx


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