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Sunday 10 June 2012


Hi everyone

I know in this country we seem to be obsessed with the weather and can talk about it for hours without drawing breath, but I really do think we have had enough rain.  Yes, I know we need it, but this is June, supposedly summer, not spring, autumn or winter, so please renew the washer in the rain tap, because it is leaking!

This week has been rather like Mastermind (no, not incredibly brilliant and intelligent) but rather as in the phrase 'I've started so I'll finish' except mine has been 'I've started but I haven't finished'.  I suppose the 4-day Bank Holiday threw everything out of sync (although not being a wage slave means I don't get Bank Holidays as such, just keep on crafting), then the loss of my friend's 21-year old cat, Carmen, meant a break in the making routine ( it was a very sad time as we had only celebrated her 21st birthday last month).  I  just haven't been able to catch up this week at all.

I made the two rush birthday cards I had orders for and again forgot to photograph them.  I keep doing (or rather not doing) this and think I need to produce a check-list to follow when making things and add a photograph will be in capital letters near to the end of the list.

Thank you Jan of Handcrafted by Picto for being my latest guest blogger.  It is a great post and certainly has made me think about what  I could/need to do with my business.  I love the variety of blog posts I have on my Friday spot - lots of great ideas and lovely stories too.  

If you would like to be a guest blogger, please do get in touch:  Your post needs to be appx 600 - 800 words, lots of pictures and don't forget to include links to your blog, website,Twitter and Facebook addresses - and a link back to your post on here in your own blog would be lovely please.  I re-tweet the post on Fridays and Saturdays (sometimes on Sundays), and I have some lovely fellow tweeters who always RT my blog posts (thank you Dawn, Badger Boo and Lesley).

A thank you to all of my new blog followers - it's great to have you following and I love reading your blogs too.  Also thank you to everyone who comments on my posts - I love the fact that you spend time here and your comments are great, so please do carry on commenting (now, was that a film??).

My Handmade Monday makes this week are work-in-progress items.  The first two wreaths are almost complete, just needing the back to be finished off.  Before I add more to my 'forgotten' list, do nip over to Handmade Monday to read the other blog contributors posts and take a look at their lovely work.

Wreath made with red and white heart-patterned material, splashed in places with white sequin-decorated netting

Wreath made with pink and white gingham fabric

I made this wreath with red and white star-patterned paper napkins.  Some time ago I saw a blog post about it and thought it was a good idea - I am not completely convinced I like it, but it was worth a try 

Each week I try to make a few more mini-cards (they always sell well at events) and these are some I am working on at the moment.

When I met up with Caroline a few weeks ago, she told me about iZettle and as their website says: iZettle's first service includes a free iPhone and iPad app and a mini chip-card reader that lets anyone take secure card payments any time, anywhere.  I registered on the website and received my card-reader about 10 days ago.  I haven't tested it yet, but it will certainly be good to take to events.  I know that not everyone carries cash when they go out shopping and it is so easy to lose out on sales because of not having a card machine (which I can't really justify).  Many thanks for the info Caroline, I hadn't read about this so would have missed out.

My pottery tutor is taking part in the Open Studios Event and I am off to a private viewing with my fellow pottery course potters (that sounds so professional - I wish).  She has bought in one or two pieces she has made to demonstrate styles to us and I have to say they are fabulous and I know will take years for me to get anywhere near her expertise.  Still, I can hope.

Fingers crossed for some sunshine, enjoy this week everyone and I will be back on Wednesday with my mid-week musings.



  1. Ooh I do love that pink wreath, must send you something as may be an idea following on.....

    Know what you mean about the rain not a joke now and fed up with it but yesterday was a good day.

    Have a great week and lets hope you get more done.

  2. I like all the wreaths. In the photos at least they look great and I think that the idea of using napkins is cool - a real selling point! I like little cards as they are useful to ahve in stash so keep making them :). Hope you have a week where you remember everything. :)

  3. your wreaths are stunning and I love the cards, simple but effective. Good luck with your pottery class

  4. Your wreaths are very ruffle-able! They're lovely. Your mini-cards are very striking too.

    Hope you have a good week, we had a bit of sunshine here today, so I'll try to will some your way!

  5. I love the idea of using paper napkins for the wreaths, something I would never of thought of!

  6. Your wreaths are very pretty. I can imagine they will be very popular.

  7. It must have been the week for wreaths! I love the pink gingham one! The mini-cards are so cute.
    Hope the sun shines for you this week - although I won't hold my breath, central heating back on here!

  8. I love the idea of making wreaths with napkins... I always feel slightly guilty about cutting up fabric for the wreaths. :)

  9. I really like the wreaths never realised you could use napkins either xxx

  10. Great idea to use paper napkins instead of fabric. You can get some really fabulous napkin patterns!
    Love the minicards.
    Have a great week

  11. It's like a monsoon! (and looks unsettled all week)

    The wreaths are very pretty - could be colour themed for weddings etc.

    What a great idea re. iZettle.

    1. Yes, the forecast is for more of last week this week. although everything in the garden is doing really well, it does need some sunshine too. So do I. The colour-theme is a good idea, many thanks.

  12. What lovely wreaths, I can imagine they'll be popular. The mini cards are a good idea too! Oh for a little sunshine...

  13. Your wreaths are really pretty. I expect they take a while to make. I agree about the rain it's time we had a break from it. Here's hoping we all get a sunny week.
    Ali x

  14. your wreaths are fabulous, and i think the napkin one works well - it looks great in the picture anyway! love the cards too - really cute :)

    apparently it is going to be wet all week... again! :(

  15. The wreaths look great. Would never have guessed that one was made from napkins. Sorry about your cat, 21 years of being pampered I bet!

  16. A wet and windy week and yet more rain to come - it must run out sometime! The wreaths look lovely and I love the cards! Have a good week.
    Jo x

  17. Love the wreaths, especially their colours. The cards look really fab too, can see why they sell.

  18. I love your wreaths, you're very clever :-)

  19. The wreaths are ace, so fluffy and the cards are so cute.

    I wouldn't mind the rain if it was only at night.. oh well, the garden likes it.


  20. Thank you for having me as a guest blogger.
    Your wreaths are lovely as are the little cards, they are so cute and will be great for all kinds of occasions.

    Jan x


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