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Friday 21 September 2012


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Walk On The Wild Side
It is easy to fall in love with Liguria and its surrounding area, whether with its quintessentially rustic charm of the ancient villages, which you find clinging to the hilltops for hundreds of years, or the fashionable seaside, where life is different, more boisterous, and crowded.

Those who love the timeless allure of Portofino, the home of the mega-rich and powerful, but have grown weary of them and prefer something more tranquil, the Fiascherino Hill will fit the bill. It is literally on the border ofTuscany and the furthest South of Liguria. They really become a retreat after the busy summer season and you can enjoy the craggy and rocky coastline in peace and quiet.

The extra couple of hours drive down the most scenic of coast roads will be worth it, with hundreds of 'viaducts and tunnels' on the way, making an exciting start to your holiday.
Fiascherino is tucked away amongst the Mediterranean greenery with terracotta-topped villas and ancient sleepy hilltop villages above. This sweet, little hamlet will surprise the visitor with its natural beauty, fabulous, small little beaches, and its gentle walks.

Another not very well known area is the Lunigiana's Natural Parks, which are full of flora and fauna and it has an astounding number of species. Adding to these are the many vibrant birds and other wild life.

The recently formed National Park of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano is home of the golden eagle and at the point of transit between Tuscany and Liguria the wolf of the Appennines makes rare appearances. Here blossoms the Appennines primrose and countless orchids in the springtime, when the hillside becomes white with thousands of flowering narcissus.

The red wines produced with pollera, cliegiolo, groppello and merlot wines make excellent starters as well as going well with lamb, roast chicken or local salamis. The valley is full of local restaurants and each one of them has their own speciality.

Yearly diary:
January the 16th, the Bonfire for S.Antonio in FilattieraThe area is unique and rich cuisine makes the visitor spoilt for choice, especially, if one has time to follow the 'festas', which has its own yearly diary.
February the feast of the chiodopork sausage cooked in cast iron baking pans.
April, the onions feast in Bagnone.
June polenta and stock fish in Fivizzano.
July brings the focaccetta feast in Olivola di Aulla, bread feast in Regnano, fig feast in Bagnone, Podenzana, the pattona (chestnut pie), and the fungi feast on Mommio di Fivizzano in the autumn season.
December wraps it all up with a Bonfire, in Quercia with VIN brulé and hot chocolate flowing. Now wonder, that people who keep going back can never have enough of these places!
Wishing you endless discovery and happy times, whatever time you choose and whatever activities you do. Walking Lunigiana's and Liguria's beautiful beaches, visiting their native parks, tasting their food, drinking their wine or worshipping their saints, it is always an unforgettable pleasure to me. May joy and merry making stay with you for all time.

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  1. Lovely, Eva. Perhaps next year.
    Looking forward to Budapest first :-)

    1. Hi Lesley,

      Hope this finds you well and you have lovely memories from Budapest.

      If you have some good piks and you would not mind sharing with the publis I would apprecaite if you send me some.

      It is always good to use past guests comments and photos to validate the biz.

      Thanks Lesley


  2. A beautiful trip and can imagine being there form your post

    1. Hello

      I just looked at your Blog and saw the beautiful roses.

      I am a big old English rose fan and have many in my garden, if you are interested I can send you some fab piks.

      My email had a typo in, the correct is:

      Feel free to look at my webpage for all my three places.

      Liguria is:



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