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Wednesday 19 September 2012


Hi everyone

It has been hard work keeping up with everything this week.  My (what seems like a) mammoth wedding stationery order is taking on even bigger proportions!  Two steps forward and one step back and the wedding is on Saturday!  I keep telling myself that this time next week, everything will be done and dusted and I can get some semblance of normality back into my life.  As if!

However, my post today (which will also be taking part in Caroline's UK Handmade Thursday blog hop) is about the World Card-Making Day competition I am running via my blog.  I have been lucky enough to get a sponsor for the competition and they have kindly donated three prizes.  A big thank you to Katherine Jewitt, the Editor of new magazine Make and Craft - the first edition of this magazine is due out very soon.  I have subscribed to a digital version of the magazine because I felt that it would be good to have online access to it always as I spend an incredible amount of time super-glued to my computer.  Plus, so much easier for me to store than a paper version.  However, both are available and the subscriptions rates are great value - have a look here for the details and you can even try three copies for £1 of the digital version to see if you like the magazine.  I promise you, you will.

The theme for the World Card-Making Day competition is floral - absolutely anything to do with flowers.  It could be something made of flowers, flowers you have photographed, painted or decoupaged or perhaps like one beautiful card I have already received photographs of,  a quilled design.  It is beautiful and I really wish I could create something like that.  The photograph(s) of your card need to be with me no later than Wednesday, 3 October please and once the judging has taken place, contact details will be passed to Katherine and she will arrange for the prizes to be mailed to the winners.  All cards will be posted on my blog on Saturday, 6 October and I will be asking for everyone to vote for their favourite three.  Prizes will go to the top three.

Some of my guest bloggers have created beautiful cards and I am hoping they will take part in the competition.  In the UK we send more cards than any other country in Europe - so let's keep it going by designing beautiful and original handmade cards.



  1. I read your last post and thought I must get my hands on the Make and Craft mag. It's not out yet, that's why I couldn't get a copy today, silly me! I'm tempted to have a go at you card comp, I've never made one but can make flowers. Glad to hear by Saturday you may have some breathing space, although I do think that wedding will bring more orders :) Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Ali x

  2. Can non-crafty people also have a go?

    BTW, pop along here for a nice surprise and let me know what you think x.

  3. Wonderful prizes Jill and I do hope you do well, you have put so much effort into this comp and cannot wait to see the entries.

  4. This is a great idea and I'm definatley looking forward to having a go ! Great prizes as well !


  5. hmm Sorry Jill I think it sent a comment to you before I finished, Cant remember what i was saying now :S

    Anyway, just wanted to say that this is great comp, i can't wait to see the entries!


  6. Enjoyed reading your entry (I read a couple ofolder posts too :) ).
    Love the wedding stationery - what a great colour combination!
    I would love to enter the card competition, I'll get some made for next weekend.

  7. What a great idea. I am really excited about this new magazine and have signed up for a paper version. I am also going to take part in a blog hop organised by them too. I hope you have many great entries - very interested to read how many cards us Brits send.

  8. Hi Jill, thank you for your kind comment on my blog!, and i would love to enter the comp my fav thing are flowers!.
    I love your blog so i am following you now.Hope you get lots of entries thanks again!

  9. Hi Jill. The card comp is such a great idea to celebrate World Card Making day. I love crafting and making cards. I have tweeted asking for more info on how to send the photo of my card to you and await your reply. Thanks Jill.


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