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Wednesday 21 November 2012


Hi everyone

Dreadful weather here at the moment - I am sure it is the same for nearly all parts of the UK.

I have spent the last couple of days trying to catch up on everything I need to do - and failing miserably.  Have done some crafting, packing, listing, etc, etc and feel no further forward.

On Monday I delivered Spot, the gorgeous apricot and grey kitten I have been fostering, to Alison of Woking Cats Protection.  She was then taking Spot on to her new home.  I had lunch at the White Hart in Pirbright with a couple of friends and we had a lovely long chatty session and planned our next trip (I feel like the Famous Five planning the next big adventure).  I had the most gorgeous scallops; I am a sea food and fish fanatic and scallops are near the top of my list of scrummy favourites.

Yesterday was spent clearing up after and cuddling my remaining kittens: Daisy (no 2) and Milly.  For two young kittens, they can create a considerable amount of mess - water, food, biscuits and bedding all over the place.  They are sisters and completely unalike in behaviour, although they do look like each other.  I then went to visit two cats I am doing regular visits to - again in Pirbright.  They are tortie/tabbies - one is called Muffin and the other is called Sooty (a rather unusual name for a tortie/tabby).  I then spent time working on a friend's database/mail shot and later had coffee and chat with another friend and then returned to working on some orders I have.  After this I fell asleep!

This morning was spent battling through the rain and heavy traffic to see a friend in Chilworth and help her with her promotional leaflet.  We also went through the rights and wrongs of stand-dressing, craft/fairs in general, and what to do next time differently.  Did we find the answer?  No, but we had lovely home-made Apple and Celeriac soup for lunch.

I am off in a moment to visit Muffin and Sooty and then back to carry on crafting (a new Carry On film??).  Tomorrow is pottery, Friday is crafting and Saturday I am at Priors Field School for their Christmas Fair.  Sunday?  Sleeping all day I think.

Phew!  I feel exhausted reading my own blog post.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone, I hope this horrible weather doesn't cause you any problems.  No guest post this week - back next year and I will be back with my main post on Sunday.



  1. Phew! You are busy, but sounds like you may be having just a tinsy bit of fun too :)

  2. Do you get attached to the cats you foster? Love the auntumn leaves! where did you find them and how did you add? lesley bath Bomb Creations

  3. So pleased that Spot has found a good home.
    Hope all is going according to plan in pottery today :-)
    Hasn't the weather been awful this week, well done on getting so much done x.

  4. Yay for Spot! I hope them little kitties find a forever home soon- maybe together!

  5. Glad Spot is on her way to her forever home...


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