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Wednesday 14 November 2012


Hi everyone

My mid-week post is kitten-related.  As you know I am a Cats Protection Volunteer and over the last few months I have helped out with trapping, fostering, taking kits to the vest for their jabs as well as visiting and feeding kittens in a pen when their 'foster-person' was on holiday.  I really enjoy it and am glad I am able to contribute to an organisation that does so much for cats and kittens.

My lovely Jasper and Wallace went to their new homes yesterday and their places have been filled by Millie, Daisy (second Daisy in our home) and Spot.  Here are the photographs of them (together with more information) on the Woking Cats Protection website:

Daisy and Milly are sisters, even though one (Daisy) has long hair and Milly has short hair.  They have almost identical marks around their noses, which don't really show up in the photographs.  Spot has people coming to see her on Friday so I am hopeful that by the time I write my next post, she will be homed or about to be homed.  

Originally my post today was going to be about two gorgeous boys who are desperate for a new home for their first Christmas, so if you are able to give them a home or know someone who who is looking to adopt two lovely kittens, please do contact the Woking Cats Protection branch.  The two handsome fellows I am talking about are Chaplin and Harley:

They are so lovely and you can read about them by clicking on the link in their names above their picture.  These two were abandoned with their mum, so I am sure you agree they deserve a good home.  I love the markings on their chins.

Please check out the Woking Cats Protection website for details of how to support them, events they are taking part in and other information for cat-owners.

I will be back on Sunday with my usual main post, full of details of how I got on at the Secretts Christmas Fair.  My last guest blogger for this year will be here on Friday, so do come back and read another great post.  Enjoy the rest of the week everyone.



  1. I have just indulged a little, browsing the Cats Protection website. So lovely, all of them x.

  2. Awww what lovely cats. My daughter's at uni and has just adopted a stray with her housemates. I think like you she'll want to volunteer for cats protection when she has her own place.
    Ali x

  3. Aaaw! adorable kittie cats Jill!!

  4. I am really not sure how you give them up to their new owners gorgeous and heart melting ...I take my hat off to you. xx

  5. OH! Spot is so gorgeous!! I realy wish I could this, I bet it is so fulfilling. How do you give the kittens back? I think my cats would pick on them if we did this as they dont get on well with each other, the neighbourhood strays have been mean to them so now they are weary of other cats :(

  6. Jill, stop with all the cat posts your making me want one and its impossible as I don't have the time.

    No seriously they are all gorgeous, so glad you said Spot has someone coming to see her, I was momentarily tempted when I saw her.

    Hope they all find fantastic forever homes xxx

  7. They are adorable! And that shot of Millie is priceless!


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