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Wednesday 7 November 2012


Hi everyone

Lots of gorgeous sunshine here - hope it stays around for a few more days.

So far this week my days (and evenings) have been filled with making stock for next week's 3-day event, playing with the kittens and Jazz and Daisy, of course, as well as still trying to plough through and dispose of the loads of 'stuff' we (more me I think) have accumulated over the years and not used.  Local charities and the book bank have benefited from the massive book re-distribution that has taken place over the last couple of weeks - as well as neighbours who have acquired a lot of reading material to see them through the winter.  I find it very hard to part with things, as there will always be a need for them some time in the future (a habit I am trying to break - not successfully though).

I have a Christmas wreath order, gift tags to make and I have had three card orders this week - busy times ahead and time permitting, I will be making more wreaths for next week's event.  The difficult decision is what are priority makes for the event?  Given the nature of the event, I know lots of variety is needed and although my main 'makes' are cards, I feel that some of my other items need to be available too.  I am planning, but it is a the bottom of my list, to have some candles at the event but this will depend on available time.

I also need to bear in mind that I have another event the following weekend, and there are three days in the preceding week when I am not able to make anything due to other commitments.  Although I am sure I will have stock available, I would also like some new items just for that particular event.  I need a few 48-hour days I think.

Pottery tomorrow and I am hoping to be able to biscuit-fire my candle holder and my mask.  I need to also think about other things to make while the firing is taking place.  Perhaps more jewellery.

Back to work now, but a cup of coffee first I think.  Don't forget to come back on Friday to see this week's guest blogger's post.  I will be back on Sunday with my main post.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the week everyone.



  1. Wow! You sound incredibly busy! Please post pics of some of your handiwork!

    1. I will do Rumpy - the temptation is to make and pack away read for the next event and I forget to photograph them.

    2. Yes, and a pic or two of the stand would be nice to x.

  2. Gosh, Jill, you do sound a bit stressed. Please don't rush to have the wreath ready this month. I can wait until December. Oh, and how about wearing a name badge at the events? Makes it much more personal x.

    1. It's a nice stress though, being busy with craft orders and preparing for next week's event. Plan to have your wreath ready by then, but appreciate the extra time. A name badge is a good idea - thank you.


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