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Wednesday 27 March 2013


Hello everyone

At this very moment the sun is shining!  Amazing.  I thought it had forgotten how to shine and had decided to go away for the winter.

Henry is at the vets today for his chop and chip session.  I did wish him good luck because it wasn't too long ago that I had a stay at the vets for a similar operation.  I think I am getting used to him now and I do spend time looking at him through the glass door; he talks a lot which is good because I don't.  No chance with Jazz and Daisy around!

Jill has persuaded me to put a photograph of Henry on my blog post - so here he is:

He does have a white tip to his tail, but you can't really see it in this one.

Anyway, that's enough about Henry because I need to tell you about my adventure.  I haven't been out officially, but I did sneak out on Monday.  Jazz was on his way in and quick as a flash, I darted out of the open door.  I ran down to the bottom of the garden, over to the left, to the right, into the field at the bottom, behind the summer house and the greenhouse.  I had a great time.  Jill was calling me, rattling a bag of biscuits and tapping a food bowl - was I interested?  No, of course not.  However, my downfall came in the shape of a screwed- up paper football.  So embarrassing.   Jill threw it through the open kitchen doorway and I rushed in after it - I am a big football fan and I just had to chase this one.  I will go out again, but Jill and Richard have said it will be when it is warm enough to leave the back door open for me.  In the meantime you two, watch out, watch out, there is a Milly looking to get out.

One final thing before I get back onto the warm window sill, have a look at the Woking Cats Protection website and you will see some lovely news that lots of grown up cats have been adopted.  There are still more so if you are looking to home a cat rather than a kitten, please do have a look at the website - there is even one cheeky girl with my name.

I will be back next week with more news of my life in Christmas Pie.



  1. Hey! Henry kinda looks like our Malachi! As for the outdoor adventure, I'm glad you came on back indoors, June Buggie often tries to escape, but when he gets outside he is afraid and darts hither and yon. Jill is smart to wait when you can come in and out and not be afraid.

  2. Clever Jill, she knows all about kitten tricks. Henry is rather cute :-)


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