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Wednesday 11 September 2013


Hi everyone

The mornings are chilly, the nights are chilly and the last couple of days have been a little cool too.  I am not keen on grey days, I am a sunshine girl.  This is going to be my first winter of 'going outside'.  Last winter I was a foster kitten then kept in by Jill and Richard when  they adopted me until I was ready to face the world - or rather the world was ready to face me.  I think my first foray into the garden was in April of this year.

I have been helping Jill in the garden - she spent yesterday morning digging holes and putting in the 'things in pots' she bought at a place called Wisley.  Once they were in the holes, I thought it would help if I laid next to them to keep them warm and also tidy up the soil around them.  Jill said they didn't really need my help.  I wonder why.

Poppy caught a mouse yesterday!  Not on, Poppy!  That's my job.  These young kittens do seem to be very cheeky and even worse, Coco spent all of yesterday evening on Jill's lap!  That's my spot, but I did manage to squeeze on as well - good job we are both small.

I understand we are getting two foster kittens tomorrow - I must make sure they get the message they are foster kittens not ones to be adopted here.  No room here kittens!  I am sure Jill will tell me they are gorgeous - but I will let you know all about them in my post next week.

Time for me to go because it looks as though the sun is trying to come out.

Have fun everyone - see you next week.



  1. Good luck with the new kittens, it's certainly getting a lot chilled now, have fun in the garden xxx

  2. Oh Milly it sounds like you've got some competition from Coco and Poppy. I think you need to search the house for a warm cosy spot that you can claim for the winter. Our cat finds someones bed is best, especially if theres someone to cuddle up to.
    Ali x

  3. I hope the new foster kittens are settling in well x.


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