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Wednesday 4 September 2013


Hello everyone

They're back!  How dare they go away and expect me to look after Jazz, Daisy, Poppy and Coco all on my own!  Okay, okay, I wasn't completely on my own, our neighbour, Jean, was looking after us.  Why couldn't they take us with them?  If I was going away, I would make sure they could come with me.  Humans can be so selfish at times :0)

I disgraced myself by catching a pigeon for their home-coming though - well, they said I disgraced myself.  Me?  I thought it was very good of me to think about them needing a meal when they got home.  You really cannot please some people, can you?

I did miss them both very much and I know they missed me - they told me so - and yes, they did miss the rest of the Pie Cats.  No pressies for us although they came home with plants for the garden, so more lovely soil will be available for all of us to roll in and dig holes in.

It's a mini post today as Jill needs the laptop - something about catching up with her emails, whatever that means.  I will be back next week with lots of news from here in Christmas Pie.

Have a good week everyone.


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