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Wednesday 25 September 2013


Hello everyone

It's very misty here and it's raining - I am not so keen on getting wet, so it could be an inside day for me.  Lots of snuggling up in warm places, treading on Jill's work and possibly sitting on her lap if she sits still for a few minutes.

I hope you enjoyed Rosie and Violet's post last week - I turn my back for a few seconds and there they are, tapping away on the keys as though they write a blog every week!  They are still with us and nobody has been to see them yet, so don't forget if you are looking for two little black kittens, I have them here so take them quickly please!

Did you know that black cats are not very popular, I am sure you did.  However, did you also know that black and white cats are not very popular - how can this be?  Look at me, I am gorgeous!

Well, that's enough about me, it's time for me check out the weather.  I think it has stopped raining, so I could go outside and check on the local wildlife.

Have a good week everyone - see you next week.



  1. Millie you are gorgeous, I didn't know that about black cats, we've always had one in the past.

    Good luck finding them a forever home.


  2. I have a black cat called Molly that I love dearly. I don't believe in the rubbish about black cats!

    1. Me neither. I have four black furry playmates who live next door to me - as well as a black and white one.

  3. I think black and white cats are fabulous, but then I do have one called Sphynx :)


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