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Sunday 16 February 2014


Hello everyone

So nice to have sunshine, blue skies and a reasonable temperature.  I hope you all survived last week's dreadful weather?  We have some flooding around here, mainly where fields are flooding onto roads, some holes have appeared in a few roads and when I ventured out on Saturday morning I came across lots of trees, bushes and numerous other things scattered across the roads around Christmas Pie.  We survived Friday night's high winds without too much damage - things that resided on one side of the garden appear to have decided they preferred to be in other places and one of the windows to which an automatic vent is attached in our greenhouse was ripped off.  Some roof tiles parted company with the roof, but on the whole we have been very lucky and hope it remains that way.

A busy week mainly working on my new project.  Banners, bunting, balloons and flyers have been received and because I ordered a bulk quantity of flyers, I have also purchased some sticky labels with the date of each event.  I left a space on the flyers for these to be applied, so time will be spent this week un-peeling and sticking.  I have had  lots of enquiries from crafters who have seen my post about the events on Streetlife and I am pleased to say that several have already booked a place in some of the events.

It hasn't been all event organisation though, I made another ribbon-wrapped bangle.  This time the bangle is covered in white silky ribbon and then decorated in strips of black and white net flowers:

I have also been decorating more jute bags for stock.  Hard to believe, but this one (a work in progress)  is bright red on black - looks more orange than red.  I really must take some lessons in how to take decent photographs.

That, briefly, is my week.  Another busy one coming up, no pottery this week as it is half-term, so some extra time to do things.  I hope you have a great week and the weather is kind to all of us.  Don't forget to visit Handmade Monday - I have a feeling we might be seeing Easter things this week.



  1. I think your black and red bag looks wonderful. It's a struggle to get colours right when we have no sun. Glad you survived the storms damage free. Good luck with the event organising.
    Ali xx

  2. The bag looks gorgeous. I think red is a hard colour to capture, and the lack of natural light in winter definitely doesn't help. Good luck with the events! x

  3. I agree with Ali, the bag is georgeous ... but isn't it green and orange? ;)))

  4. I had to use my picasa auto-adjust to get my colours better on the photos. I love your new bangle, they're such a great idea. Have a good week

  5. The red and black jute bag looks quite different and is very attractive. good luck with your events!

  6. Love the bangle and the bag looks fabulous!

  7. I bet that bag is stunning! I love the butterflies. Glad you've had lots of sign ups to your events. And glad to here you survived the wind. Our trampoline decided it wanted to move to the other side of the garden but other than that we were ok!

  8. I find taking photographs & getting the colours to come out accurately really difficult too. I find there's normally only about half an near midday when the lights any good & you have to fit in as many photographs as possible!

  9. I'm glad you survived the bad weather, we were very lucky in my little corner not to have too many problems. It's a good idea to have a space on the flyers for the date stickers. Have a great week, I hope the weather behaves itself :)
    Jan x

  10. So glad to hear you've survived the horrible weather. It really has been horrendous !!!

    Your butterfly bag is gorgeous. I too have the same problem with red looking like orange so you're not alone ...xx

  11. I'm glad you haven't faired too badly with the weather. Its rearranged quite a few people's gardens i've noticed... we've gained the roof of next door's shed and lost a door off ours!

    Getting photographs with true colours can be really tricky can't it, i've found that red is the hardest of all so you're not alone! x

  12. Looks like you have been busy creating beautiful items. I love the bangle! Happy to hear you had some nice weather to enjoy. Take care.

  13. The blasted weather. No power again. Fed up. Glad to see you are crafting and not just organising x.

  14. Love the bangle Jill so pretty, we had a power cut most of the weekend here, so glad we have a camping stove to make a cup of tea on.

    I usually try to take my pictures outside for best results, but if I take them indoors I always do it near a window and never ever use the flash, the flash is what drains out eh colour, then maybe a quick auto enhance and their ready to post.

    Looking forward to your first event xxxxx


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