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Sunday 27 April 2014


Hi everyone

Feeling guilty as I didn't write a blog post last weekend and really missed out on reading everyone's posts too  It never takes very long to write a post, although thinking of a witty title does, but it's one of those things that occasionally keep getting moved to the bottom of the list.  Hopefully I should be back on track now - fingers and paws crossed.

It was, as always at the moment, a busy week.  I have re-named the Godalming Independent Market to the Godalming Bazaar.  I have never felt 100% happy with a name including the word market because it gave the impression of an outdoor market and it isn't.  Two friends (Dawn of Stone Pit Crafts and Lesley, the Mad Dog Woman of Shackleford) and I put our heads together and came up with the Godalming Bazaar.  We felt it says it all and is portable - I hope to 'open' the bazaar in other areas of Surrey and needed a name that could easily be changed whilst retaining its purpose.  Thank you Dawn and Lesley for your help and support with this new venture - lots of ideas and hard work for you both that I do appreciate.

A new logo, Twitter page and email address have been created.  I am trying to re-name the Facebook page, but having numerous problems.  I know how to do it, but hit a barrier each time and have come to the conclusion today that it is because I was added as an Admin person by the previous owner of the page and it seems to be that I can only access it through my Christmas Pie Facebook page.  A hurdle to be jumped, but I am sure I will get over it eventually.

I have a card order for a 50th birthday.  The card was to have flowers, a red butterfly and the figures 50 on the front and here it is:

Yesterday was an away day spent in London with friends - we were celebrating a 50th birthday and a retirement.  We had planned to start off on the London Eye, but the queues were too long and as we had a river cruise booked, we had to miss out on spinning around in the sky.  The river cruise was lovely and I was so surprised how many glass buildings are popping up throughout London - they just don't seem to sit well with the lovely buildings that have been around for centuries.  We finished the evening with a meal at Altitude 360 which is on the 28th floor - absolutely incredible views.  We eventually arrived home, exhausted, just after midnight.  Feeling very, very tired today, but it was great fun.  A few pics of what we saw on our river trip:

This was one of the many static boat restaurants that are based along the Thames.

A shot of the London Eye at dusk through a window on the river cruise boat.  It looked so lovely all lit up.

One of the numerous glass buildings popping up in London  - it rather resembled an Armadillo.

It was a fantastic day and it's now back to work,work, work.  I have an advertisement to prepare for a local magazine - it has a distribution of appx 23,000 so I am hoping it will help increase the footfall for my next event.  

Don't forget to drop in on this week's Handmade Monday bloggers - I missed them last week, so have two weeks worth of posts to catch up with.

Have a great week everyone



  1. Love that flower card, the flowers look realistic and the colours are great too. Glad you enjoyed London, a hectic day but well worth it.

  2. Beautiful 3d card xx
    Ive always fancied a boat trip down the Thames, and I agree too many modern buildings are spoiling the lovely old style views of London and trying to be like New #york!

  3. The card is lovely! And That armadillo building looks weird!I

  4. A beautiful card, I love the flowers on it. I like going up to central London, the river always makes me so relaxed.

  5. Pleased to see that you are still crafting. Hopefully, the event stuff will settle down, and become part of shopping life in Godalming x.

  6. Such a beautiful card i;m sure it will be treasured by its lucky recipient :)

    Great idea for the new name too, it seems like it will be more memorable because its shorter and snappier which can only be a good thing! x

  7. Love the flower card. The butterfly seems to be enjoying it too.


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