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Monday 7 April 2014


Hello everyone

It almost goes without saying that last week was hectic.  I had left Friday fairly clear to do some last minute leaflet dropping, produce some directional signs and check I had everything packed and ready, then disaster struck!  The people running the pop-up vintage tearoom cancelled due to illness!  I spent most of the day trying to book an alternative, crazy really because if someone was free was that good sign or bad?  However, friends came up trumps and stepped in to save the day.

Thank you Dawn for locating and delivering a water boiler and flasks and thank you Linda for manning the tea table all day.  It was hard work getting everything sourced, bought and set-up and this was in addition to Dawn having a stand at the event.  We had a much reduced refreshment area, but we did it and it was very much appreciated by the stallholders and customers.

As they say on the television, the day of the event dawned bright and clear - well eventually it did because it was still pitch black when I was up and out putting up the 'today' banners.  I made my way to the venue and put up some bunting and balloons:

We set-up the hall, welcomed the stallholders in and while they were setting up I began to feel I should have changed my name just before I opened the doors.  One the whole the setting up went without too many hiccups.  Doors opened for customers, balloon man on the front door, face-painter in position, everyone ready to sell, refreshments set up and ready to pour.  The customers came in waves - slow waves and bigger waves.  The Mayor and Mayoress of Godalming were lovely and spent a long time with us - they visited all of the stands and spoke to stallholders and customers; the Mayor had some face-painting on his hand and they both had some coffee and cake with their daughter.

As with all events of this type, some stallholders did very well, some not so well, the odd moan and groan
was heard, but in the main the stallholders were brilliant.  Feedback has been positive and very supportive - lots of good ideas, some already thought of and discounted because of cost, but it's so helpful to have lots of new ideas to take forward to future events.  I wish had been able to count the footfall and will try to do this next time - it does help to have this information to pass on to people when they are booking a stall..

Advertising for this event was extensive: local newspapers; friends, shops and businesses displaying posters and handing out flyers; around 3,500 flyers were dropped through letterboxes in and around the Godalming area; Facebook, Twitter and Streetlife were used extensively to promote the event as were other paid and unpaid online sites.  On the day I fixed placards to roundabouts coming into the town centre and one on a roundabout just off of the A3.  Could I have done more?  I am sure I could, but what?

On the whole, it was a very good day and I enjoyed it and I feel the stallholders did too, which to me was the most important thing.  A great atmosphere, visitors were pleased with what was on sale, stallholders were friendly, welcoming and worked hard throughout the day to promote their work.  Now it is on to the next one: flyers already printed, some distributed, all places nearly sold, floor plan nearly completed, so I am hopeful it will be easier next time around - fingers crossed.

Finally, I did have a sneak away-day with a friend on Tuesday.  We went to the RHS Plant Sale in their Westminster Halls.  As fabulous as the show was (I bought plants, seeds, bulbs and a new bench!), the highlight for both of us was a tour of the library - we turned out to be the only two booked onto the tour and we had the undivided attention of one of the librarians.  We were shown gardening books, guides, botanical prints and seed catalogues that were, in some cases, over 300 years old.  It was 90 minutes of pure heaven.

Here are a few pics of the plants we saw at the show:

Isn't the Hosta stunning?

I am late with my post this week, but off now to link up with Handmade Monday.  I will be back next week, hopefully with some of my makes as getting a little behind with them  Have a great week everyone.



  1. Congratulations on your successful fair. You've certainly worked really hard and it was lovely to hear that you quickly recovered from your loss of a tea stall. You definitely deserved your wonderful day out. Have a lovely week and I'm guessing another busy one. Take care.
    Ali xx

  2. **blushes**
    Glad to have been able to help out with the water boiler, sometimes it's more about who you know not what you know, so glad you got to meet Brendon and just so glad he lent me the boiler and norgies to help out.

    The day turned out well and definitely had a much higher footfall than the two events I attended before you took over.

    So sit down today with a big cup of coffee and chill out. You deserve it.


  3. So good to hear that the fair was a success especially after all the effort you've put in! I'm sure it will be the first of many fantastic occasions and i'm sure you'll learn loads from each one too, soon you'll be doing it all with your eyes closed :)

    Beautiful plant pics, i'm glad you found a day for yourself amongst all the business of organising the fair :) x

  4. All your HARD work really paid off so well done. You must be so pleased - and exhausted....

    Shame about the last minute hitch with the tea-ladies but managed to pull it off admirably. Here's to next year !!!! xx

  5. So glad it went well, and that you coped with the last minute hitches. Is the next one in a month. Do post the details, as I do plan to pay a visit, although will probably be too shy to introduce myself. I would think as a regular event it will take off even more as the weather improves too.

  6. I am so pleased that your first fair went so well, you certainly put lots of effort into it. I love your plant pictures - I'm not very knowledgable about gardens but I love looking at pretty flowers and plants!

  7. Wow, you had a very busy time! Looks like you managed to make the best of a bad situation and get organised nonetheless. I like your plant photos too, but like Lucy Blossom above, I know nothing about them at all! Thank you for popping by my blog from Handmade Monday :)

  8. Congratulations on your fair. Sounds like you had quite a hectic time. Well done to your friends for stepping in to help.

  9. Congratulations with the fair. That must be quite an undertaking to set up! Good luck with the next one too!


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