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Wednesday 21 September 2011


Hi everyone

Hope your week so far has been good.

Caught a quick weather forecast the other evening for next month - apparently we will have snow!  In October???  Not really helped by the fact the the forecasters are also predicting a very bad winter.  We clearly have done something really bad to deserve this weather.

Went to see a production of Macbeth yesterday at the Yvonne Arnaud theatre.  Very good.  We had booked seats up in the balcony but on arrival were told that as so few had been sold, all theatre-goers were being seated in the stalls.  Excellent - we had great seats, of our own choosing, right in the middle, so our view was brilliant.  A very hard working cast as each member played more than one part.  I love going to the theatre and can't wait for the next visit.

Today's post is a brief one as have set myself a full day of card-making and already I am getting behind with my plans.  So disorganised!  No card makes to show either as have several 'in production' and hope to show them in tomorrow's Blog-Hop and my post on Sunday.

In the meantime, pics of Jazz and Daisy who haven't been blogged about for a week or so.  Jazz is not keen on this weather and it makes him very grumpy.  He is a sunshine boy, but Daisy doesn't mind as she prefers being inside anyway.  As you can see in these pics, Daisy is about to drop off to sleep and Jazz is thinking about it too.

Have a good day everyone.



  1. Tried leaving a comment last night but think Blogger playing up, lol! Thanks for commenting on bath Bomb Creations! You have lots of events coming up. I heard about snow too ... October, ouch! Jazz & daisey look sweet ... I have 3 cats...
    The Bathtime team

  2. Aw. They look soooo well loved don't they

  3. Love Jazz and Daisy bet they rule you the same as Shiloh rules us, we are his slaves....

    Macbeth that takes me back to my 'O' level days, that dates me plus the trip to London to see the play.


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