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Wednesday 7 September 2011


Hi everyone

Is it winter already?  What a horrible day yesterday was: rain, wind, cold.  I had really been hoping that September would bring an Indian summer and I just don't want to believe that the warm and sunny days are a thing of the past.  How long until Spring?  Weather really hasn't improved much today - wet, windy and chilly.

On top of yesterday's grotty weather, we also had a power-cut for about 3 hours.  Great fun - well not really because it was pretty dark and wet at the time.  Glad when it came back on as card-making in the dark may sound romantic, but it is pretty hard going.  Hard to believe, just as I had finished the last sentence, the power failed again!  Someone has got it in for my blog, so I had better get writing and posting pretty quickly before it happens again.

I have been fairly busy crafting: made some cards, also worked on new ideas and promotional material.  I will reveal all after my first event, and also everything will be in my website (yes, you know the one, the one that has been in production since time began).  Here are a few of this week's makes - they are from my small card (5" x 5") range.

Jazz and Daisy haven't been very happy about the weather either.  Jazz sat on the window sill looking forlornly through the blinds, hoping the rain would stop so he could go outside - no doubt to catch something with four legs and a long tall and bring it in for us!  It is very kind of him to think that he has to give us presents, but I would really prefer something other than a  mouse.  Daisy also sitting on the window sill, but asking the question 'who is prettier, me or this pot of roses?'  Definitely not a difficult decision - both very pretty, but Daisy wins hands-down.  Well, enough cat-talk, as much as I like to talk about them I think it is time to get back to work.

A big thank you to my blog followers for their comments on my last post - I love to receive their messages and know that as busy crafters finding the time is often not possible (er, that's really about me feeling guilty for not posting on other people's blogs as much as I would like to).

Don't forget I am still collecting and looking for contributions to the Craft Event blog on 21 September - so either add a comment on the blog or email me.  All comments and contributions will be acknowledged and I will also add your website or blog address - just let me know which one you would prefer)

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone - I will be back posting on Sunday.  Let's home the weather is drier and warmer by then.


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