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Wednesday 13 March 2013


Hello everyone

What a chilly week!  Yesterday's wind nearly blew my whiskers off!  Well,  if I had been outside it would have done.  I did escape this morning though - Jazz was on his way in and I took the opportunity to nip out.  I didn't really know which way to go, so was very glad when Jill picked me up and took me back in.  She has said that when it is a bit warmer and I am a little bigger, then I will be able to go out - so exciting, I can hardly wait.

Now, what have I been doing since my last post?  I helped Jill with her accounts on Monday - she entered receipts onto the computer and I 'filed' the receipts for her.  I don't understand why putting them behind cushions, under pillows or in my food bowl is wrong.  She is always saying she could do with an assistant - well, here I am!

Jill has been getting ready for her pilot card-making workshop this Thursday - I have helped, but again my assistance has not been welcomed.  Jill puts something on one pile and, tidy-minded kitten that I am, I  move it to another pile where it looks much better.  You just cannot help some people, can you?

I have had a busy morning helping Jill, playing with Jazz, chasing Daisy, throwing my furry mice around, so I think a snooze is needed.  Yes, I know I snooze a lot, but I am only a little kitten and kittens get tired easily.  Before I nod off though I will have a quick look at the Woking Cats Protection website - I like to check out the cats needing new homes and read their stories.

See you next week



  1. A little work, a little play, a lot of fun and that's a day xx.

  2. Hi Milly! I can't wait to hear how the workshop went, though I can't imagine it will do as well as it would have had you been allowed to assist.


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