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Wednesday 20 March 2013


Hello everyone

She has done it again!!  Despite throwing all of my toys out of my furry igloo, stamping all of my paws on the floor, Jill has brought home another kitten!  Yes, I know he is cute and yes, I know he is a kitten, but there is only room in this home for one cute kitten: ME!

His name is Henry and he is tabby and white, well white and tabby really because there is only a patch of tabby on his face and his tail is tabby.  Jill says he is lovely because he purrs when she picks him up, sits on her lap and cuddles up to her and talks to her too.  I purr.  I sit on her lap.  I cuddle up to her.  OK, so I don't talk a lot - but I don't have to, my eyes say everything.

Jill is trying to get some photographs of him - he wriggles a lot so difficult to get a picture of his face.  Do I care?  There should only be photographs of me in my diary.  I must remind Jill to take some more of me - I am so gorgeous the world needs to see lots of photographs of me.

I have had a busy morning checking up on Henry, so I think a short snooze is needed.  I will be back next week with more 'tails' of my life - in the meantime have fun and let's hope we don't have any snow.



  1. Ah, come now Milly. Henry sounds gorgeous. And he's just a baby really x.

  2. I can just imagine Milly thinking all this - Henry sounds very cute though and I look forward to hearing how they get along x


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