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Sunday 17 March 2013


Hell everyone

It has been a hectic week leading up to my pilot card-making workshop on Thursday evening.  Despite spending 20 years teaching and millions of hours preparing material for my courses, I had forgotten how exhausting it all was - and it wasn't that long ago that it was my day job.  The pilot workshop went very well and Linda and I feel we met the two specific aims of the event: the guinea-pig card-makers had a great time and we received valuable feedback to enable us to plan and move forward with this joint-venture.

It is very easy to forget what it is like to make one's very first card, and I did.  I had planned for at least two cards to be made during the evening - this was to be in addition to a demonstration by a Stampin' Up Expert.  However, once an explanation regarding the format of the evening, safety issues, and the first demonstration had taken place, it was clear that my 'lesson plan' was going out of the window.  But as is my habit, I had prepared about ten packs of cards for each person - a habit of over-preparing that I find very hard to break.

The first card the group made was an Art Deco locomotive decoupage.  I chose this as it had simple straight lines and was less likely to put novice card-makers off of the beautiful art of decoupage:

Everyone enjoyed this and it was a great start to the event.  The next card to make was an Easter Bunny card, but we ran out of time so this was some 'homework' for everyone to take away with them.

Here are some photographs of the event in action:

The calm before the fun

A much needed cake and coffee break

Completing the feedback form for us

The workshop was enjoyed by everyone and I am sure there are some budding card-makers out there at this moment make cards.  I would like to say a BIG thank you Lauren Huntley, who stepped in almost at the last moment to be our Stampin' Up demonstrator.  Everyone enjoyed Lauren's session and thought her cards were lovely.  Lauren runs workshops too and I am sure some of the participants' in the evening's event will be in touch with her.

Now it is feedback review time - what worked, what didn't, what was very popular and what should be left out of the next workshop.  Exciting times and I am really looking forward to the next events, but in the meantime thank you everyone who took part in our pilot one.

I have several card orders to complete, plus a range of cards to make for an event I am taking part in next Saturday: the Chilworth Community Play Group Easter Fair.  I will be back next Sunday with more news and pics, and Milly will be here on Wednesday with her next diary post.  But before then don't forget to visit the crafters taking part in this week's Handmade Monday to catch up with their posts about last week's events.

Have a good week everyone



  1. I love the style of the locomotive card. Congratulations on what sounds like a great workshop. Even if you were over prepared, it's much better than the under prepared alternative.

  2. Far better to be over - prepared than under! So glad that it was a success. The photos show a very professional event!

  3. The locomotive card is lovely and I'll bet your participants were thrilled with it. I'll echo what everyone else has said - far better to have too much than too little. Well done you! xx

  4. Glad your workshop went well! Always better to have too much prepared than too little, and having to make changes along the way makes for a more enjoyable workshop I think.

  5. Well done on your first very successful workshop - may it be the first of many! it sounds like it was a lot of fun for the attendees - and it's most definitely better to be over-prepared! Best of luck for the future workshops x

  6. well done for your workshop- sounds like you put in an awful lot of effort, which was appreciated.

  7. Ohhh the locomotive card is great! I love art deco :-) The class looks loads of fun and definitely better to be over prepared rather than under-prepared! Simmi x

  8. Ooooh yay! I'm really glad it went so well :) The first of many successful events to come i'm sure! x

  9. I had a great time Jill, very informative and so much fun, looking forward to the next one.

    Used the picture of my locomotive card as this week's Silent Sunday post on The Crafty Cuppa.


  10. YAY! I'm so glad it went well! I had my paws crossed that it would.

  11. Well done, Jill. So much prep. Let's hope it is the start of something very exciting for you x.

  12. Workshops are great fun and learning what works and what doesn't is very useful. Sounds like everyone had a fun time :)

  13. It's definitely better to prepare thoroughly and to just take things as they come on the night/day! I try to remind myself that generally the people attending have no idea of what the plan for the session is so it's ok to take it as it flows.
    Thank you so much for the fabulous opportunity; I had a lovely time and it was great seeing everyone get inspired and stuck in to what they were doing!!

    Here's to many more great workshops both individually and as a team.

    Best wishes!

  14. I'm glad you had fun, it's sounds very successful, all your hard work paid off. Well done.

    Jan x

  15. Love the art deco :)
    Sounds like the workshop was great fun


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