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Wednesday 1 May 2013


Hello everyone

Is this summer?  If it is, I love it.  I was born in the summer time, August, but don't really remember much about that time because I was very tiny and only interested in sleeping, eating and playing with my brothers and sisters and driving our mum up the wall!

I brought home a very long feather yesterday and the day before.  Jill says it is from a pigeon, but she isn't sure how or where I got it from.  Needless to say I am not going to tell her - I bet she thinks I have caught a pigeon.  I am having lots of fun in the garden - I found a worm the other day and tried to eat it!  Jill says I have acquired some disgusting habits.

Coco and Holly are still with us and Holly is not as shy as she was when Jill first brought them home.  She doesn't run away when anyone goes in to see her - although I have a sneaky feeling she might do if I went in. Jill says they are gorgeous and it would be lovely for them to have a new home very soon, so if you are looking to adopt two kittens, these could be the very ones for you.

The highlight of my week is that I am going to be interview by Rumpydog - how exciting is that?   Rumpy is a very special dog in that, apart from having his own blog, he cares very much about animal welfare and encourages everyone to be aware of the need to improve animals lives.  Thank you Rumpy, I can't wait to talk to you.

Back to the sunshine now, I will be back next week - have fun everyone.



  1. I hope you enjoy the sunshine this week Milly - and don't get too close to Rumpydog (just in case!). Jo x

  2. Rumpy is a super chap - you'll enjoy your interview. As for eating worms, best leave them to the chickens :-)


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