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Wednesday 8 May 2013


Hello everyone

I am sorry for being very late with my diary this week - so much to do in the garden when the sun shines, not that it has today though.

I have been collecting feathers form the field at the bottom of our garden.  I have brought four in so far - Jill and Richard are not overly impressed with my efforts!  Just no pleasing some people.  They should be thankful it is only feathers I bring in and not the whole bird.

What a gorgeous Bank Holiday (I am not sure what a Bank Holiday is mind you, but Jill said it was gorgeous so I have to assume it must be something good).  I spent a lot of my time in the garden; Jill and Richard were there too chopping things up, planting things and mowing the grass.  I helped by supervising from a very comfortable thing called a lounger - a kitten cannot be left alone with gardening tools so I decided it was best to leave them to it and they seem to be making a reasonable job of things.

Coco and Holly are still with us and here is a photograph Jill took of them through the conservatory window (it is a little blurred but you can see the colours of their lovely coats):

If you would like some more information about them or arrange to visit them, please do check out the Woking Cats Protection website.

Back to the garden for me - Richard is cutting the grass, so I need to check and make sure he does it properly.  I will be back next week with my 'tails' of life in Christmas Pie.



  1. Glad to see your still keeping everyone on their toes. Don't get jealous but coco and holly are so cute. I hope they find
    a lovely home soon.
    Ali x

  2. Coco and Holly do look lovely. I hope they find a good home soon - then you could just supervise the garden work ;-)

  3. You keep up the good work Milly, Coco and Holly look sweet x


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