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Wednesday 29 May 2013


Hello everyone

I have given up on being outside for today, it is looking pretty miserable out there.  Sunshine first thing this morning, but the sun has gone home for the day.  It rained non-stop yesterday and I hate the rain!  Jill said it makes my fur coat soft and silky, so I suggested she might like to stand out in it for a while.  She didn't seem too keen to do that.

Daisy is having a snooze with me - well not too 'with me' because we do occasionally confront each other.  I like to bounce, skip and play and Daisy doesn't seem keen to do that with me.   Problem is I occasionally like to bounce, skip and play on her.  These oldies!!

Jazz arrived home one afternoon earlier this week with a scratch on his lovely nose.  Jazz is a big softie and unable to stand up for himself, this means that some local cats biff him one when he gets too close to them.  He only wants to be friends, but they don't see it that way.  Poor Jazz, think he needs to learn to run away from those other cats - or call for me, I will sort them out.  I may be small, but I am tougher than I look.

Coco and Holly are still with us - nip over to the Woking Cats Protection website if you would like to know more about them or arrange to visit them.

I am going to have a snooze now, because the sky is getting darker and darker - is it night time already?  See you next week.


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  1. Hey Milly, you must tell Jill how much we like the new blog style. Sometimes the rainy weather means we all get to play indoors for a bit :-)


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