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Monday 20 May 2013


Hello everyone

Do you think summer might be just around the corner?  We still seem to be having very mixed weather and the forecast for the end of this week says the temperature will be low, but I am very hopeful.  Everything in the garden is growing well, including the weeds which never seem to suffer from high or low temperatures, cold, frost or anything else Mother nature throws at us.

A dilemma.  My time at the Jacob 's Well Country Market was unsuccessful again, despite being slap, bang in the middle of the hall.  So many people there tell me they can attend for weeks without selling anything, but can I continue do this?  I know I have only taken part for three weeks, but having sold only one candle during that time the motivation to turn up is beginning to dim.  It is not a case of 'I could be somewhere else selling my work' but it really is 'can I spare this time of not doing anything?'  The sellers are a great group of people, very friendly and so helpful and I have been given lots of good advice and great ideas to work on, but does that justify losing 3.5 hours (the market is open for 1.5 hours but we are asked to help set up and close down) every Friday?

Initially I had thought I could use the market as a way of promoting my work - having been told sales are low, profit little, etc.  However, despite a lot of interest in my candles, this has only turned into one sale.  Last Friday I was opposite a lady who makes the most stunning stained glass items: swallows in flight, dog's faces as well as framed pictures - she didn't sell anything on Friday and said she rarely does.  I think one of the reasons why I feel so frustrated about this market is that card-makers do very well.  Despite there being three sellers there, they all sell, every week!  A couple of sellers told me that out of term-time more buyers attend the market, and as it is half-term next week I will leave my decision about whether to continue or not
until then.  I don't like to abandon this, it feels like I am letting the organisers and other sellers down as well as possibly missing out on potential sales, but I have to be realistic, I want to sell and make some profits.

It has been the usual busy week here: making, workshop promoting, planning and preparing for meetings and  as the weather has been very generous this week, gardening.  Celebrated a friend's birthday on Saturday and celebrated it again with other friends on Sunday - a nice way to spend the weekend.

No photographs of work this week as most of the time has been spent on not producing, but planning.  However, I must recommend a visit to the bloggers taking part in this week's Handmade Monday linky party as I know they will have lots of photographs of gorgeous work they have made during the past week.

I have booked a spot on a Willow Hearts making course this Thursday evening at the Farnham Maltings.  Looking forward to it as hope it may be something else I can add to my range and I will let you know how it goes and hopefully may have photographs of what I make.

I received a copy of Homemade with love at the beginning of last week.  It looks a great magazine and has lots of lovely things to make.  On my list (supplies already purchased so no excuses) of things to make this week are the fabric covered flowerpots.  Apart from being lovely for me to use in my work room., they will make lovely gifts too and who knows could be something else to add to my range.

Have a good week everyone, I am back next weekend, Milly is here on Wednesday and if you would like to be a guest blogger, please drop me an email on  I love having guest blog posts, lots of lovely interesting reading.



  1. I'm really disappointed to hear about your experience at the market, Jill. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to get there as Friday mornings are very busy in the office. I really think Etsy/Folksy is the way to go - and your online friends can more easily support you.

    I'd like to guest blog again - if you'll have me? x.

  2. Such a shame to hear about your market selling woes but maybe you should spread your wings a little and try some different types of markets and fairs it could simple be that you need to find the right type for your candles, Goodluck

  3. Aww what a shame that the market was rather a disappointment. It is rather a blow, but at least it was others as well (apart from the card makers) who didn't

  4. It is a shame. Do you think that the weather has anything to do with it? Are you able to give out lots of cards that may turn into business? I hope that whatever you decide sits happily with you.

  5. I have a friend who does Country markets in other parts of Hampshire and she has a similar experience. I'm not sure why either as her work again is beautiful as is that of the other sellers. I used to have a Folksy Shop and am about to restock it and start promoting it again. There's a lovely community over there too. When I'm a bit more sorted with workshop planning and shop stocking I'll contact you about guest blogging as its something I'd like to offer on my blog too :-)

  6. Sorry to hear that the market is proving to be unsuccessful, its such a shame. I dont understand why people dont buy, as you can get such different unusual items, I only did 1 craft fair and didnt sell anything, as i work full time and dont drive i found it really wasnt worth the effort when my spare time is so scarce.
    Ooh I didnt know they did courses at Farnham maltings, i may have to look in to that! What does it involve to be a guest blogger?

  7. what a shame that the market isn't bringing in the sales you need... i hope things pick up at your next visit!

    I guess, as with all things craft related, there is a lot of trial and error when it comes to finding the best outlet for your wares... i'm sure you'l have some better luck in this area soon xx

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about the market. It must be disheartening when you've put a lot of hard work and effort into your items and no one is buying them.

    Maybe the way to go is to sell via etsy and the like. Good luck with your course xx

  9. It's a shame about the market, but being realistic you can't keep going back to somewhere you aren't selling - it just doesn't make sense. I don't know what the answer is - it's different for everyone - but different fairs or online selling might be worth exploring a bit more.

  10. How dispiriting for you. Maybe you should give it another week, as half term coming and hopefully the weather getting better may make a difference. It is so hard to know, as I have not done many fairs, but have had very different fortunes at them. It is often very tricky to work out why some have gone better or worse.

  11. That is a dilemma and i think you are sensible to give it another week before you decide. Ihope it picks up for you next week x

  12. Sorry to hear about the market - I know from experience how hard it is to decide to stop. Perhaps it's because makers are generally optimistic and are always hoping for that glimmer of light to appear from around the corner!
    Hope you enjoy your willow hearts making course :)

  13. Sorry to hear that sales are not going well. While the market can be good for spreading word about your crafts, the 3 things that jump to mind that could explain how things are turning out are:

    1. Almost every occasion now has a card to go with it and there will be almost guarantted several visitors to the market with such occasions around the corner, hence why the card people sell. It would be great if the same could be said for candles, but sadly it is not.

    2. In my experience, candles seem to have a love them or hate them approach with the public, a bit like marmite. Also, when the weather wamrs up people seem to think about candles less, so sales do dive down a bit from now until September/October.

    3. 1.5 hours isn't a huge amount of time to show off your candles or for the public to visit, so you may be getting a limited number of visitors. There used to be a country market near me and it was generally the same people visiting week after week. If your market gets a regular crowd and they are not "candle people" then it could be tough.

    If you can spare the time I would suggest sticking with it for a while longer. Chat to the fellow crafters there and see if some ideas spread among you about how to improve sales. They may also reveal other markets and fairs they attend that they do better at.

    I hope sales improve for you soon and that the half term market works out better for you.


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