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Wednesday 12 June 2013


Hello everyone

I missed posting last week - all because Jill was away and had taken her laptop with her!  Soooo inconsiderate, especially as I always have a lot to say for myself!

I have been busy sorting out the local wildlife - almost needless to say I am not very popular with Jill and Richard.  Mind you I think Jazz and Daisy are pretty impressed with my efforts.  Last week I caught a mole - Jill checked in her books and on the internet and yes, it definitely was a mole.  Today I caught a pigeon.  I was told that I looked pretty silly carrying a very large pigeon in my mouth because I kept tripping over it!  Being small is not always good when you are a kitten and I don't like being laughed at!

The weather has been pretty miserable here for the last few days, except in the evenings.  when the sun comes out, I rush outside and then rush back in because it starts to rain!  Someone keeps chattering on about it soon being the longest day - believe me every day is long when it rains and I cannot go outside!

We still have Coco and Holly with us - we thought we had someone interested, but it didn't work out.  My pal Badger Boo has written a lovely post about them this week - thank you Badger, paws crossed lots more people will want to come and meet them.  They are very friendly and love to play football and they sit on Jill's lap - and on Richard's computer keyboard!

I think I am up-to-date with my blogging now, and it has stopped raining so it's time to nip outside.  I will be back next Wednesday - have fun everyone.


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  1. We need a mole catcher. The Boxers have tried and tried but no luck :-)


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