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Wednesday 26 June 2013


Hello everyone

Well, so far this week it has been dry, so can someone please tell me, is this summer?  I was born in August last year, so not too sure what I should expect of the weather, because since then it has been rather interesting!

I am sure you will all be pleased to know that I haven't caught any birds this week - think they are on to me and steering (or flying?) clear of me.  However, Jill has had to rescue three frogs this week!  Well the silly things will keep jumping out of the pond and they are such fun to chase - never know which way they are going to jump!  Rather like me.  Jill says I bounce just like Tigger - whoever he is.

I tried to catch a bumble bee this morning that had got into the conservatory - yet again, Jill spoiled my fun and helped it fly away.  She is such a spoil sport.

I hope some of you managed to get to the Open Garden I mentioned in last week's post?  We couldn't make  it as we had lots of things going on here, but I bet it was great fun and raised loads of money for Woking Cats Protection.  Don't forget to check out their website or give them a call if you are looking for a kitten or cat to adopt - just tell them Milly sent you.

I am off to do some sun-bathing - have to make the most of it before the large yellow ball in the sky disappears!  Hope you enjoy the sunshine - I will be back next week with more of Milly's Diary.


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