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Sunday 16 June 2013


Hi everyone

The forecast for around here was that part of yesterday and today would be sunny - er, was it?  No.  Like everyone, I am so fed up waiting for summer to arrive.  I feel like I live in one of those weather houses - when the sun shines I rush outside to get some gardening done, when the heavens open I rush back inside to get some card-making done.

The Card-Making workshop I ran with Lauren of the Crafty Hippy on Tuesday evening went very well and we all had a fun time.  The Therapy Garden is a really great venue and ideal for the future events we are planning.  Here are a couple of pics of some of the card-making participants - everyone enjoyed themselves and were keen to know when our next event was taking place, which was good feedback for us.  Photographs of the cards I demonstrated are also shown here:

Photographs of happy card-making crafters

This was the first decoupage card the group made.  It didn't start out as a decoupage sheet, but by copying/pasting the original picture, I was able to show  that you don't need to buy something that is specifically created for découpage use, you can adapt anything.  Try to look at it with '3-D eyes' - what is at the front, what is the next layer, what is the 'flattest' part of the picture?  By using more sticky pads, the various pieces could be made more prominent.

This card gave the group more practice in delicate decoupage, the flowers needed more careful cutting and could be curved to represent the petals on the flowers.

I didn't start out as a fan of decoupage, but when I soon learned to appreciate how you can create and develop a beautiful picture.  It's a personal choice how many layers and sticky pads you use, and the effect created can be stunning.  I have seen some beautiful découpage prints created by very clever crafters and it is something I never tire of doing.

Lauren worked with the group to make two cards using her Stampin' Up materials and the cards were lovely.  Stamping is something I haven't really got into, despite having a large box of stamps and inks.  I must add this to my looooong list of crafting to-do's.

Still on a crafting note, don't forget to visit the blogs taking part in this week's Handmade Monday - lots of great posts with fantastic makes to look at.

I spent a little more time sorting out the new look of my blog - it took ages to get Blogger to accept the colour for web links included in posts.  Initially they were not showing up so it was impossible for anyone to see that there were links included!  Annoying really as it looked as though I was promoting something without adding the link to it.

I spent some time at our local hospital this week (a follow-up appointment to some tests I have been having over the last couple of months) - the highlight of which was a pre-op blood test!  I have major problems having blood taken and despite advising nurses, etc about the problems, they all still like to try to prove me wrong and approach me with something that resembles a road-drill.  I ended up with a very large black bruise on the inside of my left arm and puncture marks on the inside of my right arm and on both wrists!  The 'dots' could be joined up to make a square!  Oh well, I know it is for a good reason - but it is painful.

I hope you all have a good week and many thanks for the lovely comments left on my blog post last weekend.  If you would like to be a guest blogger, do get in touch - it would be lovely to get this up and running again.

I will be back next weekend and Milly will be posting on Wednesday.



  1. That wedding cake card is really pretty, looks like a great workshop. I know how you feel about the blood taking - I have same problem - they can't get any and keep trying!! ugh!

  2. It's wonderful to hear that the card workshop went so well. And to see everyone went home with a lovely card. I really like the new blog colours, very easy on the eye. Sorry to hear about your fight with the vampires. My stepdad has the same problem they seem to treat it as a challenge to prove him wrong. He also comes home black and blue. Hope you and Milly have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  3. aww poor you with your blood tests, that sounds horrible... i hope that's the last of it!

    your decoupage cards are sooo gorgeous! What a great technique! You have me thinking about all the possibilities now :) x

  4. Your cards look lovely! Sorry to hear about your wounds following the blood taking. Hope the results are all good. Have a good week x

  5. The cards are lovely x hope the wounds heal quickly and all is ok x

  6. Love the card with the tea set. They always had a job getting blood out of me when I was pregnant, and somehow the nurses would seem to imply it was my fault!

  7. Have not thought of making my own decoupage pictures up. The wedding cake looks fab. Hubby has the same problem with blood tests and no matter how often he tells them what will happen they carry on regardless and then wonder why he has passed out! Full of needle pricks myself at the moment as I had another acupuncture session on my bad hip and another one lined up for this Thursday. Weather has been abysmal here to this Weekend.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  8. Great photos this week, Jill. Nice to see you all hard at work on your crafty cards.

    Don't worry about the weather, the garden is loving the humid air x.

  9. I love the look of decoupage - but I think its too fiddly for me with the cutting and layering, although I do like using die-cut decoupage. Your cards look stunning though.

  10. I am so pleased that the classes went well. The cards look really effective.
    Sorry to hear about your experiences at the hospital.

  11. Sorry you have a bad time with the and end up with mutilated arms! Still you know it's for the best. The card group looks like a fun place to be.

  12. Ohhh the cards look lovely - especially a fan of the teapot & cups one :-) I know how you feel about the blood tests - I have very 'difficult' veins too and it's not fun. Hope the results come back ok. Simmi x

  13. Great photos from the card making session - looks like you've had a lot of fun! would love to take part in something like this! :)

  14. The cards look lovely, I especially like the cake and flower one. Fortunately I have great blood giving veins so I don't have a problem. I hope you have a lovely week.

  15. Hi Jill, it looks like you had a fun filled week. The cards you created are really lovely.

  16. So glad to hear your card making session went well. By the look on the faces they were really enjoying themselves.The cards they made are lovely. So effective.

    Like you, I too am a bad blood giver - I have very small veins that like to hide - so end up looking like a pin cushion.

    Hope everything goes ok with the test results xx

  17. Looks like your session was a great success. Some very lovely cards there. My veins are normally quite good at giving blood. It's my eyes and brain that are not good at keeping me calm when I see a needle though.


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