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Sunday 30 June 2013


Hi everyone

It has been sunny and hot today - perhaps a little too hot, but so much better than too cold, or too much rain.  I hope the weather is good for you and that you have had a great week.

I took part in the third Craft and Food Fair at Ripley Nurseries yesterday and it was great and I am looking forward to taking part in July's event.  The organiser, Claire Dadswell was lovely: very welcoming, friendly and helpful. The fair had a really nice atmosphere and the other stall holders were friendly and helpful too.   Apparently not as busy as the previous two (when told that you get a little concerned, but it wasn't only the organiser who mentioned this.  The general feeling was that as it was a day packed with sporting events, all being televised, and there was a big event at Wisley - not far from Ripley - a lot of people were at home glued to their television).  However, quiet or not people were buying - not in large amounts but I covered my stall fee, costs of materials and travel and had some profit on top of that, so I was a very happy bunny.  Here are a few pics of my stall, the 'shed' and my crafts:


The view form the 'shed' doorway

A shot of most of my stall - see the very smart bench I had to sit on during the day.  Very handy as I used any free time to make more cards - plenty of room to spread my bits and pieces around.

I made some citronella candles in lovely mini-flower pots I bought from the company I used for my candle-making supplies.

These are half-and-half and my apologies for anyone who feels it is not strictly handmade (as I say, it is half-and-half).  On a recent shopping trip, I came across these lovely pink rose serviette rings - they were reduced to 99p each and I had a 10% discount on sale prices card at the time!  I couldn't resist them and knew they just needed a matching napkin;  I bought rose-printed linen and made six and got them finished in time for Saturday's event.  They didn't sell, but were admired and I have plenty of other selling opportunities later in the year.  However, one male stall holder said 'if I was a woman I would buy them' - er, in there must be some sort of logic, but I still cannot think what it is.

When I signed up I was advised that we would be in sheds - my first thought was that it might be sheds that are used for growing plants, veggies, mushrooms even.  However, when I arrived I wad discovered it was garden sheds as in sheds, summer houses, lodges, etc; big and small ones and I was lucky enough to be in one that was rather like a large summer house: plug sockets, lighting and carpet!  Amazing. I had visions of it being uplifted and 'planted' in my garden so I could use it as a workshop - seventh heaven.  I shared the shed with one other crafter, a lovely lady selling unique jewellery made from computer net work wire, the wire from old plugs, etc.  This was her (Sarah) first event and she did very well.  She had made some really beautiful necklaces, which were hard to resist, but I couldn't resist her earrings and bought two pairs:

These are orange coiled wire - a poor photograph, for which I apologise.

Believe it or not, these are supposed to be read, not fuchsia pink!  Very pretty though.

Sarah's work is lovely and I have recommended Handmade Monday to her as it will be great for her work to be seen by established crafters, so I hope she joins us.  Don't forget to visit the other bloggers taking part in this week's shared blogging event.

It's back into the sunshine for me - my cats have been knocking very large stones into our pond in an effort, I think, to see who can throw furthest!  I have to rescue the stones.

I may not make next week's Handmade Monday blog party.  I am going into hospital on Thursday to have a lump removed and because it is near to my appendix, that is coming out too!.  A double whammy.  It could be that I may be a little groggy from the anaesthetic - I was going to say out-of-it but that is sometimes situation normal :0).  This 'problem' has been hanging over my head for the last few months and has caused me to get behind with work and commitments and not do lots of other things - even ones I had promised to do.  Whilst I am naturally concerned about the operation, my biggest fear is that they will attack me with a road drill to take more blood!  I am beginning to feel like a tea bag, so many perforations that if I was dunked in a bath I would sink to the bottom.

I hope to post either over next weekend or soon afterwards, and in the meantime have a great week and let's hope this fabulous weather lasts for a long time.



  1. Lucky you with sunshine, it's been grey and a bit cool here today.
    Sounds like a good day at Ripley, your stall looks lovely.
    Hope all goes well for you on Thursday x

  2. Glad to see you've been enjoying the sunshine. All we've had today is sea fret (we live about half a mile from the coast) so the mist and foghorns have been with us all day. The joys of living by the seaside....

    Glad to hear the fair went well even though it was a little quiet. Your stall looked lovely, and how unusual, being in a shed !!!

    One from pin cushion to another I hope everything goes well for you on Thursday. I'll be thinking of you xxx

  3. It's good to hear the fair went well. I hope your hospital visit goes well too. I'm taking two different people to two different hospitals next week for completely different things so I'll be hanging around them more than usual!

  4. Ooo I'd like one of those sheds planted in my garden too, your stall looked nice and cheery.
    Good luck on Thursday, keep us updated :)

    Jan x

  5. Looks like you had a lovely booth at the fair. I loved the candles you make and also the napkins/rings. What a great idea! Hope you have a wonderful week.
    Pat :)

  6. Miserable old weather up here. Hope that your op goes well and you recover very quickly. So glad that the fair was a success, the shed sounds a good place to be with a carpet an all!!

  7. Good luck with your hospital trip, i hope everything goes well for you. I'm very interested to hear how you get on at your various stalls as you are around the same area as me! x

  8. We live in a similar neck of the woods so I've been enjoying the sunshine too! Glad your craft fair went well. And best wishes for Thursday - hope it's all over quickly and that you have a speedy recovery x

  9. Lovely stall. Glad you sold some things and made profit - it's so difficult these days at fairs to cover for the fee expenses and and also earn something too.
    I like your candles.

  10. I am really glad that you had a good event - I have been reading so many poor reports recently. I really like the napkin sets you made. I shall be thinking of you on Thursday and sending you good 'vibes'. I understand how it makes you feel - remember to take care of yourself afterwards too. xx

  11. It's so nice to hear about someone enjoying and doing well at a craft fair! Best wishes for the op and hope you can use the rest afterwards for some light crafting! x

  12. Good luck with your op. Hope you are up and about soon. Your stall looks lovely. I love the red spotty fabric.

  13. Good luck with your operation Jill, that was quick, you and Himself will be recovering together, he is back in again next week to have the stent removed. You can compare scars.

    Glad you had a good craft fair, your stall looks great, I love a shed like that too.

    Good luck Thursday from Badger Boo


  14. You're right jill. It was a busy day sport-wise and lovely weather-wise too. We were catching up in the garden.

    The Ripley Nursery location is great. Our new shed is being installed today - from Ripley Nursery :-)

    I would like to order citronella candles - will email you x.

  15. Great to hear that the fair went to well for you - how fun to be in a lovely 'garden room' shed!

    I'm sure you will feel lots better to be the other side of the op, wishing you a speedy recovery xxx

  16. I'm glad the fair went well.
    I love the napkin rings. I thik one of the beauties of handmade is using other things perhaps not handmade in some way to add to our own item. But I am not a handmade pedant, more of a reusing type of person, so these fit the bill nicely.
    Best of luck for your op, hope it all goes well and you are back soon x

  17. Great to hear the fair went well. Never heard of one that took place in sheds before. Quite unusual.

    I hope the surgery goes well for you.

  18. The shed looks absolutely lovely, what a fantastic location for a stall - particularly weatherproof too (even though you had good weather you know it won't last long!) Good luck with your operation and take things easy for a while.

  19. Hi Jill, Firstly hope all goes well tomorrow. I hope you manage to dodge the vampires and make a quick recovery. I really enjoyed reading this post and it had me laughing. Wonderful to hear the fair went so well. It sounds a lovely venue and you've introduced us to a new crafter. The man's comment made me laugh. People say the strangest things. My old boss refused to give a man a refund for a t shirt once because he said he was aware his head was big and couldn't get the shirt over his head. She said that was his problem and he couldn't have a refund, poor bloke.
    Hope Milly isn't too demanding when your home from your op.
    Take care.
    Ali x

  20. Hi Jill, I have found you at last! I have been on handmade monday too on your recommendation. Thanks for posting the pics of my jewellery - that is very kind. I hope to get a page set up soon on facebook and I will send you the link. I read you are having an op from all the messages - hope you are better soon. Hope to see you at future craft fairs in the area. Thanks for the lovely cards too - my Mum loved hers.



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