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Sunday 11 August 2013


Hello everyone

I hope your week has been good.  My post title says it all - this week's Sunday post is a mini one.  As usual a million and one things to do and as usual running to try to keep up.

I completed a wedding card a friend ordered from me, produced a wedding stationery quotation that was requested last week, made some gift tags and sourced materials for decorating bags.  A 'lots done' week, but not lots to show for it really.

For the gift tags I located prints of flowers which I attached to card.  I will punch a small hole in the top and add matching ribbon.  Gift tags always seem to sell well at craft fairs, so I am hoping these will be popular.  Here is a photograph of the tags:

Here also is a photograph of the wedding card I made for a friend:

This wasn't easy to make as the brief was to match the colours of a gift envelope that had been made by someone else.  Er, very difficult because how on earth do you find that out if you don't know who made the envelope?  I managed to find a shade of yellow and pink that were similar to the paper used and added hearts and other trims which also complimented those on the envelope.  A very frilly card.

that's my post-it note sized blog post for this week, I will be back next Sunday with hopefully lots more to write about.  In the meantime have a great week and don't forget to visit my fellow blogging crafters on Handmade Monday.  Milly will of course be back on Wednesday with her cats tails of Christmas Pie.



  1. Hey Jill, I love the gift tags - they're gorgeous! Hope they do well for you. Lovely card - but sounds like a tricky commission! Have a good week, Simmi xx

  2. Oh I LOVE the gift tags they have vintage look about them. The ribbon/fibres will set them off beautifully. I can imagine the difficulty trying to match up the card but looks like you did a grand job. Anita

  3. Particularly love those gift tags, I'm sure they will be very popular.

  4. I absolutely love all of the details around the wedding card, it must have taken you ages. I really like your gift tags too.

  5. Jill, your gift tags are always fab :-)

    Such a pretty wedding card x.

  6. oh wow, i'm in love with those gift tags! They're gorgeous, I don't expect you'll be coming home with them after your next fair! :)

    The wedding card is so lovely too, amazing detail, it must have taken you ages! x

  7. I just love your gift tags !!!! I can see why they are so popular.

    Lots of lovely detail on the wedding card xx

  8. The gift tags are really pretty colours, very eye-catching. xx

  9. Hi Jill, the wedding card is lovely and the gift tags are so cute! I hope this week is less hectic for you. Take care :)

  10. I love your tags - ulitmately summer and vintage at the same time.

    I do know what you mean by choosing the right colours for cards. I spend hours trying to come up with a nice colour coordinated composition.

    I like those heart frills :)

  11. Wow, just wow. You have done a brilliant job of the tags and the card.

  12. Sounds as if you have managed to complete your brief for the card well. Love the gift tags. xx


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