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Sunday 4 August 2013


Hi everyone

Another sunny day in Christmas Pie.  We have had some rain this week, but the ground is still very dry - I think it is so hard the rain is just bouncing off of it.  We spend so much time chatting about the weather in this country, but it does control so much of what we do or want to do.  For crafters it affects the number of visitors to an event, can I put my gazebo up in gale-force winds, is it too hot to attract visitors?  When we are not crafting, we want it to be dry and sunny for either sitting or working in the garden, or visiting friends and family or strolling in the countryside.  Do we ever achieve a happy medium?

It has been a week of catching up - with work and with friends I haven't seen for a while.  One friend has commissioned a wedding card from me (she wants it to match the papers/card used for a gift envelope she bought from someone else and this is going to be very hard).  Another friend has asked me to repair a necklace of hers - the end piece has broken and I feel it may benefit from a compete re-string rather than repair.

Plans were also discussed and agreed with my fellow Christmas shop friend - the one who makes gorgeous cakes.  We are sharing some events around Christmas and have decided we are going to have a particular themed range of handmade items.  We have moved a few steps further towards this and have decided what we want to sell - we now just have to make it all!

As usual I forgot to photograph the card orders I have completed this week - I think a possible reason is that because (like all workers in the handmade industry) I am working to very tight deadlines and once completed, I want to ensure my customer has their order as soon as possible.  An excuse?  Yes, it is - I am sorry.

However, I do have two photographs of my last pottery class make: a wrap-around jug.  I collected this from the centre this week because I had hoped to continue working on it during the summer break and as the pottery room is being re-fitted, I didn't want to risk it being damaged.  My pottery tutor had warned me that it might have dried out because of the very high temperatures over the last few weeks - sadly it had, so no further decorating, but as I had already added a pattern to it (I rolled it out on wallpaper), I am not too disappointed.  Next term I will biscuit fire it, glaze it and then fire it at 1250 degrees - it is porcelain so it already has a good base colour.  My project next term is to attempt another jug, but in an Art Deco style.

It's a little wonky in places, but hey, I am pleased with it.  I don't want to wish the summer away, but I am looking forward to next term - hope to be making some Christmas tree ornaments as well as my Art Deco jug.

This month's issue of the Craft Focus magazine arrived this week.  I do like this magazine, lots of 'what's happening' news and this issue is mainly concentrating on Christmas.  One thing that really caught my eye was an article about a business for sale in Cornwall as the current owner of Make Do and Mend is retiring.  The sale includes a listed Georgian four-bedroom property and shop, as well as a workshop.  It sounds so lovely and I day-dreamed about how lovely it would be to say 'I am going to go for this because the time is right'.  Good luck to whoever buys it, it sounds wonderful.

Back to reality, card-making, wedding card problem solving and everything else that needs to be done.  Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving great feedback/comments - all very much appreciated.  I hope you all have a lovely week and don't forget to call in on the crafting bloggers taking part in this week's Handmade Monday - lots of great makes, posts and and pics to see.

See you all next Sunday



  1. You have had a busy week! Re photos of your finished items. Do you have a tablet or smart phone? If you do and had an instagram account, you can take quick photos, without having to take out your camera etc and update your social media.That's what I do. Apologies if this old news :-)
    I'd have daydreamed about the shop and house too if I'd seen it. I've not heard of Craft Focus before. Does it cover all sorts of crafts?
    Have a great week

  2. What a great friend you are to have around, not only do you make cards but repair jewellery. I think your wrap around jug looks wonderful. The wallpaper print is very effective. Your daydream sounds wonderful, you never know maybe it could become your reality. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  3. Your jug looks amazing. I love that wallpaper idea! I like that it has a wobble or two - it gives it character and there's too much in this world that's uniform and "perfect". Oh how often I've been there with the "packed and posted before photographing" scenario!

  4. I know that feeling about deciding about xmas ranges and then having to get down to making them! Good luck with it all :)

  5. A very busy week for you, I sympathise with not having taken pictures of your makes. I'm the same, I want to post them out as soon as they're completed. The Craft Focus magazine sounds interesting, so I've Googled and bookmarked it to look at tomorrow.Have a good week.

  6. What an amazing dream .... Sounds as if your reputation is healthy as your friends are asking you to help them with complex tasks, something they would only do if they have confidence on you. Good luck with your Christmas makes. xx

  7. Gosh, you crafty people have to start early for Christmas. Looking forward to seeing all your new 'stuff' x.

  8. I love your jug. It is so elegant, and I would not worry about the odd bump as it just shows it is handmade.

  9. Hi Jill, sounds like you huave had a very busy week. I love the jug you made. The design is really unique. I'm sure you will have a special place for it.

  10. looove your jug! your pottery skills are coming on leaps and bounds :)

    we Brits live for discussing the weather and lets face it, we're never happier than when we're moaning about it - its part of our cultural identity! :) x

  11. Jill, you're so right about the weather, it rules most of what we do and we all want something different.
    I love the shape of your jug and the wallpaper pattern really suits it, I'm looking forward to seeing it glazed. :)

    Jan x

  12. Your jug is brilliant! I thought it was one you had bought until you explained. Well done you :)

  13. Ohhh what an amazing opportunity for the right person - I'd love to buy that business! I love your jug - it's fab :-) Simmi x

  14. I love your jug. The texture really stands out. Can't wait to see the Art Deco piece.

    You never know, your lottery numbers might come up and turn your dream into reality xx

  15. Super jug! What a clever idea, love the texture!

  16. I dream about owning an old barn for bath bomb creations - just need to win the lotto!!! i love the jug and well down with it. Think its great to make your own things.

  17. Already thinking about Christmas myself, loving you jug and look forward to seeing the next one too.

    Lovely to see you all yesterday for lunch


  18. I love your pottery makes. I always envy people possibility to attend claymaking/ceramics classes. I wonder whar your art deco jug gonna look like.


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