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Wednesday 14 August 2013


Hello everyone

Where has the sun gone?  It's rather grey here and, dare I say it, cold.  I hope summer hasn't gone for good - not that I want it to be too hot because I snooze a lot then, and I do prefer to be playing.

I blotted my copy book (whatever that is) on Sunday.  No, nothing to do with anything flying, hoping or jumping.  I ran in front of a car that was travelling down my road - lucky for me it was going slowly and it stopped outside the house opposite to us.  Normally we all get shut in when Jill and Richard are working in the front garden, because we want to be out there with them.  Jazz likes to walk up the road (often in the middle of it) to see his friends, the rest of us like to wander around to visit near neighbours.  This time, because Jill was only going to do a little weeding, we were not shut in.  Bad decision.  I don't like cars and normally I sit very small  and still when they go by, but this time I wanted to get back home.  Thank goodness it wasn't one of those idiots I wrote about last week.  Have I lost one of those 9 lives cats have?  I may not have, but I think Jill did!

Those of you that have cats know how hard it is to keep us close and in our own garden, but we cats are so incredibly nosey and always want to see what is happening elsewhere.  Jill and Richard keep saying they would like to put a massive great big cage over our garden so that we could never leave it - seems a bit mean, because we do like to investigate.

Still no sunshine, but I think it is time for me to check up on Coco and Poppy - young kittens need a grown up to help them.  Have a good week everyone and don't forget to visit Woking Cats Protection to have a look at the lovely kittens and cats looking for their new home.

See you next week.


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  1. The little black cat over the road keeps using up his nine lives. Take care Milly x.


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