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Saturday 31 August 2013


Hi everyone

Isn't this weather absolutely gorgeous?  The first day of September and more sunshine is forecast - long may summer last.  It will certainly help keep the heating bills low!

My first week of 'our holiday' has been busy.  Lots of gardening, lots of housework (de-cluttering really), some crafting, lots of planning and booking into another pre-Christmas event.  It is one I have done before, is very well organised and a great group of crafters are involved.

Time in the garden has been spent re-shaping beds, removing weeds (never-ending) and taking cuttings for
next season.  We have what I refer to as our front front garden: it is on the other side of the boundary brick wall and used to be tatty, scruffy untidy grass.  Many years ago we dug up the grass and planted lots of bulbs and a few other plants.  The problem is the soil is incredibly dry and because of where it is, we do forget to tend it and often it is a trouble-shooting visit: remove weeds, trim other things, stick a few more donated and dug-up plants in.

However, we have decided that we really must do something long-term and have decided to take lots of cuttings from our existing plants and hopefully in spring we will be able to more or less cover the space.  Cuttings this week have been taken from our Rosemary, Euonymus, Hebe and Spirea plants.

Spirea, which grows very well at the back of our pond

I also took cuttings of lovely Mrs Popple, a really hardy fuchsia that has survived many freezing winters

Our lovely green and white Euonymous

We also have lots of naturally seeded Aquilegia and will sprinkle the seeds from those over the patch.  I have done this before and the problem is I forget, see the seedlings and think they are weeds and out comes the hoe!  As I said, we tend to treat this patch in a trouble-shooting frame of mind.  The plan is that next season our front front garden will be as full and well-tended as our front and back gardens - fingers crossed because I am great and the planning stage!

Crafting this week, or the limited amount has been spent on the jute bags I am decorating.  This is a work-in-progress one which has the hearts and flowers will be added during the coming week:

The jute bags I buy are lined and I need to find a way of removing the creases.  I don't think ironing is a good idea as the lining might melt.  I am looking for problem-solving ideas, suggestions please?

Once our holiday is over, I will be back on the 26-hour, 8 day a week crafting life.  I am concerned that from the end of September onwards I have lots of events scheduled and I really want to make sure I have plenty of stock beforehand rather than the usual knee-jerk reaction of making stock hours before the event opens.  I am sure I will be doing some of that, but would like to be well prepared this year.

An early blog post today, but in plenty of time to take part in this week's Handmade Monday.  I may be a little late with my blogging comments this weekend, but I will visit and comment on as many as possible by the middle of the week.  As always, thank you for visiting my blog and especially for the lovely comments left last week on my good news week post.

If you read my post early and you live in Surrey, try to go along to the RSPCA Millbrook, Chobham Open Day.  The Cats Protection branch I volunteer for, Woking, has a stand there so, if you have time, go along and see them and help them support the gorgeous kittens and cats looking for new homes.

Have fun everyone - see you next week.



  1. With the gorgeous weather we've been having lately it must be lovely to spend an hour or two pottering around in the garden. We live in a terraced house so don't have a garden.

    Sadly ironing isn't my forte so I'm afraid I can't help you with your dilemma.

    Hope everything goes well with the stand at the open day xx

  2. This weather is certainly de-clutter the house and garden weather - I think we're all at it! Good idea to have crafting plans in place as it sounds like your events will keep you very busy. Have a great week x

  3. So it was you who stole the sun :) It's like winter here up in the northwest. Your bags look great.

  4. Glad you are enjoying your "holiday". Have you thought about steaming gently to get the creases out. Like all the little hearts.

  5. Your garden looks lovely. Have you tried "magic sizing fabric finish"? It comes in a spray can and you can spray it on the fabric and lightly iron.

  6. Sounds like a very productive holiday going on - I could do with one of those!
    Summer definitely seems to have gone from here, the noise of the wind through the trees is constant today.

  7. I'm glad the sun came out for your "holiday" - I'm hoping we see a little bit of it up here soon, too. It's grey and windy here right now! I hope you solve the creased bag dilemma.

  8. I'm really enjoying this wonderful weather, it's lovely today (Monday). I hate having to put the heating on too early. Good luck with the gardening, it's a never ending job but great when you get it right.

    Have a great week

    Jan x

  9. You have a fabulous garden, and I really like the hearts on the bag - how do you attach them?

  10. I wish I had more space for plants in my garden - have you tried scattering the seeds in a recognisable shape? By the time they are thinned a little and mature you shouldn't see the shape anymore, it would make them stand out from the weeds. I would have suggested a light steam for the bags too.

  11. I admire your dedication to weeding and gardening in general, i'm sure you refurbed patch will be beautiful next year :)

    Your latest bag looks fab, i can see these being a great seller for you. Do you think steaming might work to get rid of the creases? Maybe hang up in the bathroom with hot shower running or hover over with a steaming iron?

    Well done for planning ahead for Christmas, its so hard to find the time isn't it! x

  12. The hearts on the bag are very cute.
    I'm not sure about getting the creases out- I would suggest steaming like the others have, or maybe you could try hanging them up and weighing them down with something heavy-ish (but not too heavy) inside to see if it will stretch out the creases?


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