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Tuesday 14 January 2014


Hello everyone

A very early diary this week because I was up very early.  Didn't have any choice really because Jill had to get up early to take a delivery in; this was due for 7.00 and they arrived at 6.30 am - good job I had changed out of my pyjamas!  I didn't get an early breakfast though :(

Guess what?  It's raining here - again.  We had sunshine for most of yesterday and it was so nice - back to a rainy day today.  Everywhere in the garden is very soggy and five cats x four paws means lots of muddy paw prints inside.  I think it makes a nice pattern, but Jill and Richard don't seem to agree with me and keep removing them.  I often see cushions and blankets with a paw print design, so what's wrong with having a floor with a similar pattern?

We had a notice through the door last week to say that a black cat who lives around the corner from us has gone missing, so the Pie Cats are keeping their eyes open.  If you live locally to me, please do check your sheds and garages to see if an unfamiliar cat is hiding in there.  Jill and Richard told us about a cat of theirs that went missing - this was a long time before I moved in.  They did manage to get him back even though he went walkabout for three months.

I can hear breakfast being prepared for me, so time to whizz off.  Have a good day everyone - I will be back next week.


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