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Wednesday 8 January 2014


Hello everyone

Sunshine, no wind or rain here at the moment.  I can go outside without needing to put my wellie boots on - it does take a while as I have to put two pairs on!

The Pie Cats are fed up with the rain.  With the exception of Daisy, we all like to play outside and can't wait for spring and summer to arrive.  I haven't been able to bring any feathers in for Jill and Richard because they have been floating away!  Jill said something about them being like Pooh sticks, although I have no idea what that means.  I think the rain must be making her brain soggy.

Jazz is going on a diet - I think he looks nice and cuddly, but Jill thinks he needs to lose some weight.  She has been looking into some special food for him that will stop him snacking in between meals - problem is we girls like to have biscuits available between our meals, so she has a job on her hands managing the food here.   I will let you know how Jazz gets on with his diet - he likes to play football and chase things, so some extra exercise might be an idea.  Hey, he could bring out his own exercise dvd: Jazz Yourself Slim sounds rather catchy.

Time for me to go back outside - the sun is still shining and I have to make the most of it.  It seems to disappear so quickly.  Have a good week everyone.

See you next week



  1. This rain seems never ending doesn't it **sigh** soon enough we'll be moaning about the snow or hose pipe bans.

    Have a good week xxx

  2. Sounds like Jill is going to have a full time job sorting out all the food issues :-)


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